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1-2-3-Plakat.de realized first online donation tool for poster campaigns citizens and members donate posters and strengthen the advertising organizations what is fundraising? For the English term fundraising, there is no really accurate translation into German. Refers to all activities, to gain sponsors and supporters for an organization. Even if the etymological roots of the term on the procurement of capital (capital = engl. fund, to raise = get) are, it is not only about the procurement of (donations) funds fundraising. Rather, fundraising attempts to procure all of an organization to meet its charitable purpose of the Statute required resources. In addition to cash benefits, this also benefits in kind or services can be. In Germany there are fundraising in particular by organisations from the social sector, charities, political parties and the environmental protection.

What has to do with fundraising poster advertising? For all fundraising activities, it is important to the donors for to motivate an action or a thing\”. The same questions arise as often: why should I donate? I donate what or for what? How much should I donate anyway? The donations often fail when the questions remain unanswered. A particularly creative way to move the sympathizers of financial support, is the poster donation\”.To advertise the posters for the subject to bidding (thus at a broad public to the talk of the town \”), on the other hand the donor identifies itself with the Organization, because he is actively involved in the advertising process. Who can use poster fundraising? The poster donation can be used by all organizations and associations who want to finance themselves largely through donations and make a topic for a public accessible. These include E.g.

animal welfare associations, environmental organisations, political parties, etc. This new form of fundraising is made possible by the Mediadienstleister 1-2-3-Plakat.de based in Bunde at Herford North Rhine-Westphalia. The company successfully operates an Internet portal, with which anyone can book his private or promotional message by poster individually and place for years.


Aid! Aid! Aid A thousand times, aid! Nothing the Rose of my exclusive garden understands me seno. I want the petals for me. Necessary. I want. I need myself.

Oh, not. I write descontroladamente, nor I know if it is feeling, it unites, feeling has felt? Feeling has measured? Not. Not? Therefore I write to it with the conquered freedom. I want the time, the time will only bring me the beautiful esplendia freedom. Oh, as it would like to be hugged to the world. Lying in a cloud. It would write only moments. Not.

I want yes. At last. You pray, I am without control. It swims not. You my reader, me understand must, seno, please you say, me. I tell what my heart asks for. To the times it cries out. The sultry shout estronda inside of my heart. It swims. The heart of this rough draft of writer is friendly. The shout is for I to awake itself. To be intent. I am next to a hole without fundura. Serious? I run. I come back some steps. It does not advance. Who I am? I fell. I come back more not, I do not come back more. now? The heart did not help me in the due time. Lie. It tried to help yes. But I did not listen at the certain moment. You, my reading ally, can not be understand until here what I try to describe, but are defying yourself. Writing without escrpulos. Optimum not yet he came. Optimum he will not never come. I do not want optimum. My heart is individualistic. It wants optimum, it wants the exclusive one. I only want to be only in the form to think, to act. Only. I hug the wind. Poxa the truth is appearing. Or already it appeared? It understands nobody me, ties my Rose is half that disoriented. What it would happen, I without my Rose the Rose without I? Nor I want to imagine. Necessary of time, surplus. To write is the form prettier than I found not to want to jump of the precipice and to die. Oh, if did not exist my desinibio to write, to tell, to question, Already he would be isolated in a cemetary drawer. But not, I discovered the light. I found the light. I found the light. I write, this is force to live, to survive. I can deviating is me from everything, I am there nor, in the truth. I look the respect, the freedom, the love of the uncontrolled words They import yes me. They had made me to the words to reviver, they brought to this world that to makes me to the times to smile, but for the most part of the time devasta with my heart, hides the hope and lights the solitude.

Getting Rid Of Moths

It is estimated that there are 14 species of moths, of which in our apartments, you may receive the furniture, carpet, skin coat, felt, grain moth, and others. Escape from it as possible using various chemical and folk remedies. o Synthetic fibers, unmixed with natural, not affected by the moth. By the way, has long been noted that the mole less attract clean clothes. So do not keep the house unnecessary woolen clothes and the rest things do not store indelible. o folk remedy for moles are horse chestnuts (they are strung like a necklace, and hung in the closet). Some seeds are used (during ripening chestnuts to collect and decompose) o well influenced by a mixture of lavender, ground pepper and dried orange peel: it is placed in a wardrobe in bowls or bags. o The storage of blankets can be used bay leaves (they also need to necessarily turn into gauze or vellum paper).

o Get into the house 'fragrant' geranium (not blooming, namely aromatic) Perform and its leaves in places where the mole was found. Well helps pyrethrum powder (dried and crushed flowers or Dalmatian Caucasian chamomile). The resulting powder was sprayed in a room with a rubber bulb at the rate of 4.3, at 1 cubic meter. o Another cheap and effective way – moles can not stand the smell of fresh paper. o You can use tobacco, eucalyptus leaves, tobacco, pepper, tangerine or orange peel, strawberry soap, nettles (can be placed in the pockets of clothing). But all these methods, though not harm the person of his , but are less effective than industry, as only repel moths moths, but no larvae or eggs of moths, they can not destroy. In this case it is necessary to use chemical methods.

o Traditional means of moth are camphor and naphthalene, paradihlorobenzola crystals. These chemicals are wrapped in paper or gauze, and they should not come into contact with clothing. o Very practical aerosol funds (they can not spray on leather and fur), and sacs pretreated remedy against the moth. There is also the paper against the moths, it is wrapped in clothing, no other protection they no longer needed. o Place in closets gel plates adult moth repellent and killing its larvae.

First World War

The Peruvian study conducted by the Peruvian Commission for UNESCO in 1983 showed that teachers did not give importance to gender stereotypes exist in textbooks, maintained ambivalent attitude towards gender roles because they could undermine the ethical values associated with the woman’s family, paying more attention to boys than girls and were more severe with them. Currently, despite the elapsed time of this complaint, in many schools, sexism is present and states: – In the explicit curriculum: official documents – in the implicit curriculum: unconscious values and norms that perpetuate stereotypes. They use language such as using the generic masculine, the contents of some messages that empower women trying to return to underestimate (“women gave him the vote after the First World War,” who gave it? Was necessary to give a concession as if it were? was not a unanimous decision of men and women? why the verb grant?), the underestimation of girls compared to boys, the adjectives used to qualify. Likewise, different expectations of teachers about each child or each girl; elestereotipo broadcast on textbooks and learning materials, the invisibility of women in history, social science, or scientific development, and sometimes the actual behavior teachers. All these attitudes and behaviors are transmitted in the school promoting discrimination, violating human rights, promoting inequality. In this sense we can observe, as in the schools there is still a male educational style, and if we analyze language, space, textbooks, and professional expectations on students, there are about sexist attitudes. Fernando Barragan, Isabel Perez and Maria Rosario Pilar Moreno (1999) in the article “Equal or imperialism male” showed a total ignorance of students about the most important women of the twentieth century, evidence of the invisibility of women in books text.

Given these facts, it is necessary to train educators with extensive training in Equality A critical analysis of reality, encouraging action research, provide personal resources, such as communication skills, promote empowerment, learning conflict resolution techniques, and especially to educate, to and for Equality. In many countries the priority actions are to improve the content and educational materials that promote equal opportunities for both sexes, the gender review, textbooks, removing content and stereotyped images of women and emphasizing the role of women in social life and family. The aim is that the actions in schools are not only informative, but able to transcend training in attitudes promoting equal opportunities for boys and girls in school and at work, to be shaping a new social culture that respects difference and plurality. I tried for education professionals, parents, and society in general, is that school is an area of social transformation a place to prevail, is formed, is transmitted values such as Justice and Equality.

IAPDA Certified Debt Negotiator

The simple answer to this complex question is … YES. Debt negotiation is a legal solution, used by thousands of North Americans to avoid having to declare bankruptcy. The theory behind debt negotiation is very simple: negotiate agreements with financial institutions, which benefits both parties. This leads to the bank receives a single payment in the amount agreed to settle the debt and the consumer pays the entire debt for a smaller percentage than it should. But the biggest advantage of debt negotiation is to avoid future problems with the payments because the debt is canceled in its entirety. In no time the consumer is breaking the law or committing illegal acts.

So if the answer is so simple because the question seems so complicated? The problem really in debt negotiation is that the practice is illegal because it is completely legal, the problem lies in the ethics of its practitioners. Unfortunately, some debt negotiation companies have no ethics and profit from the wrong time by the person's happening to their advantage. What they do essentially is that the person they promise unrealistic results and then charge a lot of money for work they never did. Therefore it is important to note that the legislation was not so much to protect debt negotiating companies but for consumers who are unaware of the regulations. It is for this reason that these companies are required to complete forms and comply with laws in order to have more control over them. This helps the government to identify which companies are unethical in an industry that must be ethical and legal.

The idea is that companies that do not meet the requirements disappear. So if you want to join a company to negotiate your debt, stay calm because what we're doing is ethically and morally right, just make sure that the company will also choose to be. Scott Wallitsch is IAPDA Certified Debt Negotiator for as DebtorSolution. He provides advice on and () to persons are seeking to become financially and economically independent.


No matter that so far you can see the goal, most importantly, be in the path, at first you’ll feel giving slow steps, perhaps later being able to run and then don’t worry someone to give him a ride in a truck or an airplane. Clearly analyze what you want and observe people who have already achieved the same goals you have set, what did they?, how did make it?, what were their initial conditions?, etc. Explore wonderful biographies and you’ll realize that people with initial much more adverse conditions that theirs did today, then you will also do it. Every step that’s do well, accustomed to excellence that is one of the fundamental principles of the winners, if it’s a business, think continuously in how innovate, give it better, never settle, you can begin to point out from where you are right now. As we are told in the book the secret of the power of goals must begin to take small steps to get to our mind to the achievement and discipline, if we say that a task we will perform today, make it with no excuse, undisciplined individuals do not have control of her life and always find a reason for not doing their part. His power will be developed to the extent that their habits to take force, at the beginning you can be a difficult task because the mind likes to remain where it has been always, remember that his force of his will and desire to win must be greater than the force of previous habits..

Embroideries Require Many Hours Of Work And Dedication

Art embroideries sometimes leads us to think of our grandmothers, who long ago would sit against the window and created true works of art to embroider t-shirts, scarves, towels and all kinds of garments or home accessories that nowadays many of us keep with affection, and is that, unlike the current serigraphs embroideries are less sensitive and more resistantthem we can wash in hot water, iron and kept for years. Embroidery is a work of decorative stitching done on fabrics (or different materials) tramados with needles and using different types of threads by varying textures, thicknesses and colors. But they were not just a matter of our grandmothers, their origins go back to the Romans who called this ornamentation plumarium opus, under the similarity that have some of these work with the bird feather. Also they named it opus phrygium because they got it trade with the Phrygians who in turn brought it from the East. The wires used through time are extremely varied, in many cases they were the same that she is used for fabrics such as silk, wool, linen. Today, this ancient craft adapts to all types of garments and an infinite variety of styles, materials and techniques that make it accessible to all consumers who know how to appreciate the magic accomplished with fantasy, tasteful, needles and threads of colors: that perfect combination is embroidery.

It is common to find this kind of work in our daily life in clothes for babies, blankets, bibs, slippers, etc. But is also, work has begun to carve niche in companies in the marks, represented the same logo, advertising objects, on staff uniforms, from t-shirts to caps. Hotels are big supporters of embroider in their towels and sheets, the image of your logo. Also, the way of capturing these images and advertising logos has changed, not already performed manually, but there are machines in a matter of seconds carried out this task, thus reducing the cost of production of the garments. In this way are relegated embroidered originals to personal and unique garments that are made by hand, by custom, to give their loved ones or by simple appreciation and fondness for them.

Mike Dillard

And all this creates a huge confusion. The multilevel arise and disappear at breakneck speed which is the only thing that are causing terrible confusion in people who really are looking for an opportunity that will make him free financially. Desertion is the cause no. 1 in the disappearance of multilevel and only a few manage to have a high residual income by continuous recruitment capacity that they have, in fact is the only way of combating desertion. With this I do not mean that I am against the MLM industry, for nothing. I know that many people live 100% of this industry and not only lives but that going them great but be careful there are few those who reach that level.

The vast majority fails it, point. Surely you ever felt identified with these lines that you share, and if you have not obtained results in your company, believe me that is not your fault. It is the lack of information from the leaders who only know repeat what their leaders told them to do. In fact, Mike Dillard (the largest icon globally in the business of network marketing) ensures that the residual income as a way to achieve financial freedom, has definitely died and all thanks to the Internet. The most important thing is not the MLM company that you are, it is not the program’s affiliate marketing that you promote or the business of direct sales you promote not.

THE most important ERES TU, your person, own your name and brand the plus of valuable information that you are able to give to the people. So you can have success in the Internet business you have to start to distinguish you from what does 99% of the people. You have to create value for people. While everyone promotes miraculous compensation plans, vitamin products wonder, affiliate programs, etc. a few we are dedicated to give information of value to the people who follow us. Why do? I have to join this or what MLM opportunity that offers me a stranger that is espameando my email address if I do not know him and not know anything about him or should I associate myself to that same opportunity that my new Facebook friend gives me if the two have exactly the same nonsense of compensation plans and great pre-release? In conclusion, you have to build a relationship of friendship and business and give educational information of value to the people, before offering them any business, product or opportunity.If you want to know more about this topic, please visit my Blog and sign up to the free training that I offer to my subscribers. There you will find information, resources and invaluable tools that will make you start your business in a professional manner. Original author and source of the article