Transfer Principal

Commissioner is responsible to consignor for damage, loss or shortage in the possession of his property the principal. After the commission agreement executed: the commission is a report to the principal and gives him whatever is received by the commission property; the principal shall take from the commission property, inspects it and says, without delay, the commissioner of the shortcomings found; all objections on the report of the principal shall notify the commission within thirty days after its receipt, otherwise the report is passed. Another form of contractual obligations – factoring. The essence of factoring is that the bank or specialized financial institutions (factoring company, or factor) purchases from businesses, vendors, business debt buyers (primarily a buyer's obligation to pay for delivered goods, works or services) and pays the seller at least actual delivery of goods or services. Further factor collects the debts directly from the debtor companies. Factoring – a good way to get otvashih debtors owed you money. For their service factor receives from the seller (client) commission, which includes the interest rate used credit.

In addition, a factor makes a living from what they purchased debt concluded on the amount larger than the purchase price of these debts. The performance of a factoring contract is concluded for a period of several years. In the factoring agreement contains a commitment to give the client a factor certain debts. Factor takes on the future solvency of the debtor's checks, after which undertakes to give him credit, whose size does not exceed a certain limit. Within these limits, the factor assumes the risk of default. About Transfer credit reporting obligations to the debtor, after which he decides to financial matters is not the seller, and a factoring company.

Prague Festival Orchestra

4. Cologne AIDS Gala in favour of the German AIDS Foundation on November 21 in the LANXESS arena Cologne, September 22, 2009 under the patronage of John Neumeier, choreographer, dancer and Director of the Hamburg Ballet, invites the German AIDS Foundation on 21 November to Cologne’s largest dance party at the LANXESS arena. On the 4th Cologne AIDS Gala, numerous international artists will occur and enchant the audience in Cologne with elegance and passion. Deutsche Entertainment AG is responsible for the acquisition of the artists dance connects people, anywhere in the world. The images and shapes of the body and its aesthetics are simply boundless”, John Neumeier. The program of dancing around the world”offers classical and modern ballet, hip hop and ballroom as well as hot-blooded flamenco and Tango.

John Neumeier’s dancers of the Hamburg Ballet, Vladimir Malakhov and Polina Semionova by the Berlin State Ballet, Nina Corti, Nina Ananiashvili and Jose Manuel Carreno of the American Ballet Theatre, Tango from metropolis Argentina, the German dance sport Association e. V. and Cologne youth of the Hip-Hop group from the dance school of Stallnig/Nierhaus present their exceptional skills with the musical accompaniment of the Prague Festival Orchestra. The comedian and physician Dr. Eckart von Hirschhausen leads through the evening. All artists waive their Gage for the charitable purpose.

On the subsequent after-show party, all guests are invited to hit the dance floor itself: or Gypsy sounds, piano bar, disco Ballroom for every taste found in the LANXESS arena the right dance floor and the right music. The total of 4 Cologne AIDS Gala, initiated by Jeane Freifrau von Oppenheim, proceeds benefit aid projects of the German AIDS Foundation. At the gala evening in the LANXESS arena is: Do good and talk about it! Every euro that we take over the tickets sold, helps sick people to lead a better life”, emphasizes Jeane Freifrau von Oppenheim. The Board of Trustees Chairman of the German AIDS Foundation has with the three charity Cologne Opera galas brought the often repressed topic of AIDS and HIV among the public and collected so far about 1.8 million euro donation revenue. The German AIDS Foundation supports HIV-positive and AIDS people in physical distress since its inception in 1987 and promotes projects for those affected. Until now, the Foundation received more than 64,000 applications of needy people and promoters. The Foundation helps individuals and families in need, for example, with labor and supply projects, and medical travel. Internationally, the Deutsche AIDS-Stiftung involved for example in Mozambique and South Africa. In Mozambique, she promotes the DREAM project, which allows pregnant women to antiretroviral treatment with medications that prevents transmission of the virus to the baby during pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding. T tickets for the fundraiser dance around the world”are at all sales outlets and the ticket hotline: 0221 / 8020 or 0221 / 8021 available; Price groups of 35 to 162 euros. For more information, German AIDS Foundation.

Donation For Charity

SinnLeffers collected 1,000 euros against child hunger there are starving children not only in the third world. Also in Germany, in Leipzig, children suffer from the poverty of their parents. The difference: in Germany will be helped daily. So in the family centre of Caritas in Leipzig-Grunau. There, needy children get a hot meal every day. To draw attention to the problem and to support the charity gave Simon Grunewald, Managing Director of the Leipzig fashion house, SinnLeffers, today a donation of 1,000 euros. The donation handover took place at the family Center in Grunau.

Garcia explains: “charitable institutions point out that statistically the every third child in Leipzig from unemployment and welfare parents. As a result also, that more and more children will go hungry in the nursery, in the school or childcare facilities. We want to fight.” Tobias Strieder, Deputy Managing Director of Caritas in Leipzig, gratefully accepted the money: “the support by the Economy is becoming increasingly important for us. We are glad that SinnLeffers engaged.” With the action initiated by him “Leipziger against child hunger”, Simon Grunwald aims to encourage the Leipzig to regular donations to ensure in the city no needy child should starve, but receives a hot meal every day.