Alexa Job

According to a recent study, the Internet job board HOTELCAREER boasts a high user satisfaction in Dusseldorf, June 14, 2011 the Internet job board HOTELCAREER personalmagazin counts according to a recent study published in the journal”(No. 06/11) to one of the 25 largest special job fairs in Germany. The career platform impressed in the test with a very high level of user satisfaction and a very good quality of the search. The study was raised in March/April 2011 by CrossPro research, a joint project of Crosswater Systems Ltd. and PROFILO rating agency GmbH. The test results list HOTELCAREER compared to other special job fairs at the forefront. The Internet job board offers thereby an average user satisfaction on a scale value of 1.67 (1 = very good to 4 = not good at all), as well as a good value of 1.85 in search quality.

Together with the high number of vacancies (8.628 in April 2011) and the Alexa ranking of 64.831, one emerges successful positioning on the special job market. Arne Lorenzen, Board the YOURCAREERGROUP: We pleased about the positive test result and the outstanding position among all special job fairs. The good rating in the category of user satisfaction”shows that the Web page visitors with our service are very satisfied. We feel confirmed and inspired to offer a high-quality Internet platform with extensive and user-friendly features in the future us in our work.” About YOURCAREERGROUP AG: The YOURCAREERGROUP AG was founded in 1999 by Arne Lorenzen and Manuel cones and has since established recruiting partner for the sectors of hotel, catering and tourism as competent. Under the umbrella of YOURCAREERGROUP AG, the single Internet job boards run HOTELCAREER, GASTRONOMIECAREER and TOURISTIKCAREER. You offer specifically job opportunities tailored to and information on the relevant industry. HOTELCAREER is the ideal platform for anyone looking for a new job in the hospitality industry. For Job seeker the gastronomy is GASTRONOMIECAREER the best online job portal.

Tourism experts will find it on TOURISTIKCAREER. In addition to switching jobs or use the CV database the YOURCAREERGROUP AG offers an Internet-based technology for managing applicants, which is tailored to the needs of the hospitality industry. This software covers the complete online recruitment process. As an additional product of YOURCAREERGROUP AG career fairs are offered since April 2008 with the Recruiting Days regularly for the industry. In personal discussions, candidates and companies in a pleasant atmosphere are merged. A further career meeting the YOURCAREERGROUP AG organized annually at the international tourism Exchange (ITB). The ITB job fair of powered by YOURCAREERGROUP in Hall 5.1 is the focal point for specialists and managers of the hotels, catering and tourism.

First Railways

Ties. Historically, the word tie, appeared in the vocabulary long before the first railways. This term has come to us from the Dutch word spalk – prop and with the advent of the railways has been used to refer to the support for the rails. So, the ties – it's the boards that serve as support for the rails. The construction and repair of railways sleepers laid on ballast, and the way in the future take on the pressure intermediate rails and fasteners, and transferred to canvas podshpalnoe. Wooden railway sleepers. The choice of material for the very first railway sleepers has fallen on the wood, and it was done on purpose.

Wood – Freecutting material, which is always available on a large industrial scale. In addition, the ties are made of wood, have many advantages. Wooden sleepers are easy to manufacture and processing, have ease, elasticity and resistance to extremes of temperature regimes. Wooden railway sleepers have high dielectric properties and good adhesion to the ballast. Wooden railway sleepers have no restrictions on regions, they are placed on newly built tracks with unstabilized subgrade and base of permafrost, as well as on ways of following heavy loads. Only the wooden sleepers are used on the steep curves with a radius greater than 350 m. In Russia produce and wooden sleepers long 280, 275, and 300 centimeters. Term for the number of sleepers per 1 km of railway track, called plot is laying sleepers. Its importance in various countries ranges from 1000 to 2200 sleepers.

Ramon Gallegos Nava Education

Holistic education was developed by Ramon Gallegos, is the philosophical and pedagogical basis of learning communities. The communities of learning and holistic education have profound implications for human evolution, seeking a new stage of evolution of consciousness, a culture of peace. Evolution is increased integrity, awareness raising, love, growing complexity, creativity, intelligence, sensitivity increase. In the 21st century needs a new educational paradigm that will really improve the learning are evident. Learning communities are places where there is an interdependence between parents, teachers and students and all should learn how comprehensive, permanent and for life.

Ramon Gallegos teaches us that holistic education is composed of fundamental thesis that we will call the DNA of holistic education: 1.-live in an ethical Kosmos: the Kosmos consists of principles and values cross-cultural universal, when living according to them, is evolving towards the full self-realization. Read more here: Dr. Neal Barnard. 2 Live in Kosmos holarquico: teaching is a process of evolution of consciousness, where we will of the good the best thing at the top, such as language, socialisation, moral behavior, cognition, physical body. 3. Holistic education is an education for peace, to build a culture that honors the life in all its manifestations. Promotes the development of an awareness of Concord, solidarity and cooperation. This position of peace has cultural consequences such as tolerance and patience toward others, accepting differences as complementary and not contradictory aspects, where instead of losing the identity, this will deepen, with a vision that harmony is the essence of life and not the contradiction. Peace provides an internal order, living learning peace is a source of happiness.

4. The dialogue as a holistic resource: where the priority is to communicate to us creating values and meaningful human relationships, reaching an understanding and a common purpose. The dialogue is creative and links to people and societies, where it comes to discern together with respect, democracy, tolerance, finding the best solution for everyone to win.

Belarusian Markings

Gonchak Belarus – a direct descendant of Ogara, which certainly is a relative and a native population of hunting dogs that were formed by traditional breeding. Read additional details here: Viktor Mayer-Schönberger . Their descendants formed the basis for creating breed. Particular impact on the breed had the conditions of formation: the hound had run on the very different beasts. The hounds of this breed is different power and viscosity. Have a wonderful flair sufficiently well developed ability to orientation, besides a valuable hunting quality is an innate passion for animals on hoof and in particular, to hunt wild boar. Firmly on the trail with a melodious voice for beast, can stop the boar, and the bark at a safe distance, as if aware of how dangerous this animal.

Hunting with hounds and small animals: fox, hare, white hair, and others. With the right training can be used on a blood trail after a shot in the search for wounded game – is a versatile hunting dog. Betrayed his master and loyal only to him alone, a great guard and protect his master and his house. For their excellent hunting qualities of intelligence and mind, for which he remained still among hunter-gonchatnikov Belarus, received a special name like – 'ganchak chornay is back'. In the selection of great importance is attached to the color, which should look like: a deep jet black saddle with red rust-red markings. For a long time these beagles in Belarus were in the shade, breeding work was carried out. Enthusiasts, connoisseurs and lovers of the breed since 2003, took up revival of the breed called 'Ganchak Belarusian.

" By type of Belarussian Gonchak medium height, trunk powerful head with a distinct turning point, bullheaded, blunt snout, lips with small shaved, ears, highly placed, are fine. well close to the head in the middle of a much wider at the ends of the ears are rounded and taper. The eyes are dark brown. Chest broad and deep. Neck Strong, medium length, loaded, often seen dewlap. Feet dry, strong. Gon thin psovina short, often sableobrazno bent but not twisted. Color is: rusty , -red markings under the deep coal-black saddle. Tan never be separated abruptly, and merged. On both sides head at the temples have an arrow, black, ears are slightly darker. White markings on chest, legs, and at the end of estrus, which is the hallmark of this breed. In general, it gives the impression of hunting dog nobility, power, and contains a huge hunting energy.

Vehicle Tracking

70 percent of all murdered taxi drivers would have been saved if you had found it 10 minutes after the fact and medical supplies with Northtronics protect system guarantee greater security in mobile work place your driver. “7 0 percent of all murdered taxi drivers would have been saved, if they would have found it 10 minutes after the fact and medical supplies”. The GPS positioning system creates the conditions for this. Continue to learn more with: Childrens Defense Fund. A driver in an emergency situation by simply pressing a button emits a distress call, its precise location can be – determined in our emergency call and service center within one second “on a few feet”. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Center for Responsible Business. The coordinates display on the monitors of the Northtronics protect precisely systems emergency call and service center or your PC.

At the same time, the microphone is activated (optional). Our emergency can now go unnoticed in the taxi “into listen”, to learn to more details on basic and degree of hazard. NorthLoc24 vehicle tracking offers completely new possibilities for a more efficient organization of operations, as well as for the control of assets and working hours the professional tracking system for vehicle monitoring. Our Internet-based service provides of location – and time-independent use for an almost unlimited number of simultaneously working users. Our vehicle tracking works worldwide and in any GSM mobile radio network.

You need to install expensive software. You simply login via username and password to our tracking portal NorthLoc24. So is always verifiable in real time where your vehicle is just whether it stands or drives it straight in which direction. With an intuitive and logical structure of the UI on the Internet, ease of use and user friendliness is guaranteed. Special knowledge, expertise or costly software components are not required. The market offers many different, often very similar solutions. These usually consist of a box for the vehicle and an Internet portal with more moderate-quality maps. NorthLoc24 is one of the few, or is even the only GPS tracking is really professional. Also she can be optimally adapted to the individual needs of your company. With NorthLoc24, you can track not only your vehicles and staff, but also flexibly and quickly Dispose.

Managing Director

New version 2.4 of the solutions ITESOFT.FreeMind and ITESOFT.Share available Hamburg. Two new releases from the House of ITESOFT are available now, European provider of solutions for the automated collection, processing and management of documents. This is the technology platform for ITESOFT.FreeMind, as well as the document management solution with integrated workflow ITESOFT.Share, which now exist in the versions 2.4. This is characterised in particular by a greatly increased level of automation. Important new features are the availability of real-time input post and associated files, automatic learning of new types of documents and workflow for the joint processing of electronic and paper-based documents. Companies that implement document capture projects with the new versions, will benefit from shorter implementation times and a faster return on investment. More information is housed here: Alona Tal. \”ROI in this year! Or in other words: more and more companies searching for solutions for automated document processing, which cost and time can reduce their business processes. In addition, they should be quickly implemented and require minimal IT staff.

The latest generation of software for the intelligent document capture addresses these requirements and provides significant enhancements in the field of automation\”, analyzes Rory Staunton, Managing Director of the business consultancy strategy partners. \”Our product strategy is aimed at the complete automation of document management processes and therefore almost inevitably meets these requirements\”, explains Magali Michel, Director of marketing for ITESOFT. Realistically, requires a such ambitious objectives but concentrating on four main factors: the degree of automation of the process, the time required and hence the cost of adopting the solution, the range of functions and that the documents. Version 2.4 of our solutions is based on this strategy and provides for sustainable increases in terms of automation\”, he continues. The new versions are for the entire product portfolio available for ITESOFT.

Capability System

Unfortunately, if a person works as a driver on a particular form of transport, over time he begins to consider it as his own. And, of course, like any owner, employee seek to derive any benefit from their property. And why are not rare extra flights, adding mileage, fuel drain. It is clear that this situation did not arise yesterday. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Center For Responsible Lending. Cheating owner in this country arose in the socialist era, when all belonged to the state and, hence, was common. Today, this situation will not do. Every day, the owners of vehicles are suffering huge losses from those activities that make their drivers. Many are taking attempts to trace the actions of employees.

However, such attempts usually fail. Meanwhile, we should admit the fact that there is already a pretty effective method of dealing with unscrupulous drivers. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Boy Scouts of America has to say. Today, the owners of vehicles have a unique opportunity to take advantage of the latest space technology. To date, developed a special system for monitoring moving objects, that allow you to monitor any type of vehicle. Of course, most executives have heard the existence of such technologies. But most likely, due to their own prejudices believe that such technologies are very expensive, they are cumbersome and difficult to use. They are profoundly mistaken! Today gps monitoring – an affordable means of tracking vehicles.

Such a system can afford even small companies and private carriers who have only a couple of cars. Gps monitoring is carried out using a special navigation controller. Its value can be compared with the price of the phone, and by its dimensions – it is no more than a pack of cigarettes. Moreover, this tracking system can be purchased and leased, rather, simply to rent. When purchasing and installing such a system, you should pay attention not only to its cost, but also on the period in which to install it will pay off. Typically, such period not exceeding one year. Usually it lasts for two to three months. Understand that the satellite monitoring began to pay for itself – very simple. A month later will be noticeable fuel economy, at least 20%. At the same time inappropriate use of the vehicle officers will be completely eliminated. To date, the development of satellite navigation is fast. It is therefore obvious that in a few years satellite navigation systems will no longer appear as something new and challenging. And that is why it is so important to establish a modern tracking system today that unlike their competitors, not to lose money funds from the carelessness of its employees.


If you give a very short definition, one can say that the Internet – a telecommunication supernet, or rather a community of networks covering the entire planet. Now there are about 30,000 networks involved in this community, and each is independent of their education with the purpose and terms of use. But each of them has a minimum yield on the two other networks, which provides the interaction of the whole community networks in general. Internet access is usually done through telephone lines using a telephone modem with a speed transmission of information from 2400 to 19200 bps. In the Internet, this option determines not only the speed exchange in the network, but the level of service provided.

The most popular service on networks – it's e-mail. Each user is assigned a network address such as. And it can send emails to point the planet, unless, of course, your correspondent also has an email address. Most often these letters reach their destination within a few hours. Another option – a subscription to the so-called conference call. The Internet information on virtually any subject, but it is grouped by thematic sections: Politics, Computers, Leisure, Philosophy, etc. Each section contains, in turn, a lot of subsections. For example, Section Computers There are subsections: Software, Hardware, Networks, Artificial Intelligence, etc.

The topics can also have their own division. All this is reflected in the title of a teleconference. For example, in the conference relcom.comp.language.pascal discusses issues related to programming in Pascal.

French Day

If water is not completely soak grains, simply drain the excess and the next day, add a little less than 1.5 liters of boiling water. Note: if you do not load up a given amount of buckwheat, buckwheat can brew more restrictions on the number eaten buckwheat, no! In addition to buckwheat buckwheat diet menu further includes a low-fat (1%) yogurt (strictly limited number of yogurt a day – less than 1 liter). Kefir can drink along with buckwheat, can be at any other time. Before going to bed with a strong feeling of hunger, but not later than half an hour before sleep is allowed to drink a glass of 1% kefir. Retesting buckwheat diet can be given not earlier than a month.

The French diet diet designed for 14 days. Losing weight 5-10 kg. You can not drink: alcoholic drinks, lemonade, brew stewed fruit, juices, etc. Do not eat: sugar, biscuits, sweets, white bread, potatoes. All meals – up to 18.00 Vegetables can be eaten without restriction – raw, steamed or boiled. Vegetables, meat, fish do not add salt.

Or a little bit. Coffee, no sugar, no strong. day 1 Breakfast: 30 g cheese, 1 cup of black coffee. Lunch: 2 eggs, 1 tomato, vegetable salad with vegetable oil. Dinner: 150 grams of cooked lean meat, vegetable salad Day 2 Breakfast: 1 cup of black coffee with toast. Dinner: 150 grams of cooked lean meat with vegetables. Dinner: 150 grams of boiled fish, salad. day 3 Breakfast: 1 cup of black coffee and toast.

The Hit Of The Year Tour 2012

“The hit of the year finally live on tour 2012 the pop song of the year” enjoy every year enormous popularity and counting since the start in 1995 to the most successful music formats in the MDR television. Now, this series also in other regions of the Federal Republic has gained a foothold and achieved a solid core audience. Therefore, the broadcasts in several III. be regularly adopted programmes of ARD, RBB, HR, or NDR, and repeated also in the MDR. The interest for the currently successful German Schlager is undiminished. Following the example of other stations and its own TV formats, but mainly due to the huge success of “music for you” – tour 2011 and requests from viewers the idea arose, another “MDR TV brand” to present live. Additional information at Viktor Mayer-Schönberger supports this article. This program “Hit of the year 2012” will go in the period from January to may, 2012 under the aegis of THOMANN management from the Frankish Burgebrach in the coverage of the MDR, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia and also in Bavaria, North Rhine-Westphalia and Lower Saxony on tour.

With a great atmosphere, world-class hits viewers on-site will experience unforgettable moments and can push aside the everyday life for a few hours. BSA is actively involved in the matter. “In the baggage a premium and high-profile cast of tips with the sizes of the German Schlager like: Bernhard Brink, since 1995 the universally popular broadcast pop song of the year” moderated. The hit Titan is prove may be entertaining conversations with his snappy slogans, with the guests and his great musical successes. Bernhard, honestly and directly but at the same time also empathetic and sensitive, does not live by the many successes in the past but the type of hits, which fits into our time succeeds again and again. The love remains content with all its possible facets. “” “” “His countless hits ranging from I’m still up for grabs”, love in time”, I’d like to like you”, free and abgebrannt”to back to blond miracle”, you’re leaving the ballad, only you don’t want to, loved, hated, “cry” or 7 table chocolate “.

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