AFC West City

Kansas City Chiefs was placed at the head of the AFC West after adding his ninth win of the regular season. The Chiefs were 27-13 victory against St Louis Rams during the tenth fifth day of the NFL. The latest significant achievement of Kansas City was in 2003, year in which divisional champions were crowned. Kansas City finished last in the division the previous season with a poor record of four wins and twelve losses. For the current season, the Chiefs gave him a turnaround to your situation because they already had three years in a row of end of quarter. Implementing a renewed strategy game were climbing posts to become the Divisional leaders, surpassing up to San Diego Chargers, divisional champions of 2009.

The Chiefs started the season with three consecutive wins, the first of them was by a score of 21-14, precisely against San Diego. After his week of rest, Kansas City suffered two defeats, first falls 19-9 against Indianapolis Colts and Houston Texans then beat them 35-31. Kansas City seeks to give a good printing, accomplishes this by adding other two victories, first a crushing 42-20 over Jacksonville and then a complicated 13-10 in overtime against Buffalo. After carrying out a complicated game, Oakland Raiders beat them in extra time with a set score of 23-20. The ten day Denver was superior in its stadium and took the win 49-29.

The Chiefs are not discouraged and after those defeats and obtain other three consecutive wins against Arizona, Seattle and Denver respectively. The tenth fourth day was disastrous for Kansas City. San Diego had no mercy by crushing them 31-0. Although it was a shameful defeat, the Chiefs remained controlled and arrived at their next meeting in good shape. In this game they beat St Louis Rams 27-13 and thus added his ninth victory of the season.