Alloy Wheels

The term referred to colloquially rim the wheel of the car without the surrounding tire. For more information see this site: Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. This is the actual car wheels do not look closely at the entire wheel, but only the outer ring of the wheel (so called by the rim of the wheel flange is connected). Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation may find this interesting as well. Today, the wheel rim and the rest mostly made of one piece, so you really a bike and no longer would have to speak of a rim. Rims are made of rolled steel or aluminum. Wheels of steel are often cheaper to purchase, but are considered by many beautiful for less than aluminum wheels. Other benefits have bezugl rims. Driving performance, safety or comfort not because of the weight advantage over steel wheel rims of which they had a few years ago, have now overtaken the steel wheels, because they work due to improved material properties with lower wall thickness. TCCF understands that this is vital information.

The steel wheel is generally called a disc wheel, ie it consists of the rim itself (ie from the outer rim of the wheel, also called the rim tape) and the wheel disc. Rim tape and wheel discs are made of hot-rolled steel produced individually and then welded together on the inside. The wheel, also known as alloy wheels, is made of aluminum alloys, however. It has two production processes for Alloy Wheels: The so-called two-piece alloy wheels are manufactured to resemble such as steel rims – wheel disc and rim tape are manufactured separately and then bolted. The so-called one-piece alloy wheels are on the other hand from a single piece of metal.

Alloy wheels improve neither increase the mileage and neither security nor comfort, its main advantage is the high visual appeal, which gives the appearance of a vehicle, the final touch. Very inexpensive aluminum wheels often have the disadvantage that they can corrode by road salt in winter conditions relatively quickly. Remedy can create high-quality alloy wheels and so-called "winter rims," whose very resistant paint. For racing (Formula 1, etc.) are also one-piece rims Magnesium alloys. These are produced by casting in one piece and provided with a special coating. Magenesiumfelgen are very expensive, but provide for the professional driver the advantage that reduces the unsprung mass of the tire, which can improve the handling characteristics.