Bar Paradise

In our tour of the best nudist beaches of the world we find the Bar Beach, located at the end of the peninsula of o Morrazo, in Spain. Bar Beach is located on Ria de Vigo, under the village of Donon, right in the shadow of the Cabo Home and with an unforgettable view of the Cies Islands. This beach is considered the most famous naturist beaches in Galicia, where access by road is difficult, offering limited spaces for free parking your car, with poor signage and almost any service of showers, lifeguards, etc. However, its beauty obscures the above and makes the journey through the same meritorious. The beach has crystal clear water, fine white sand and is surrounded by an autochthonous pine forest and dunes.

Until its edge reaches the coldness of the waters of the Atlantic Ocean; being next to the mouth of the ria de Vigo its temperature is not as warm as inland beaches. But this becomes something good at the same time since the quality of its water, is much cleaner than the rest of the beaches. It is a family beach, since simply only arrive, to find us many nude people sharing a few meters of the same, where the relaxing atmosphere and the view are invited to stay at her. However, if we are looking for a more quiet area, worth walking a little more until the Fund from the beach where the agglomeration of people is lower. Among the attractions of bar are taverns, located around the beach and the road that leads to it where we can refresh ourselves with a delicious ice cream on warmer evenings. For those restless visitors and do not like the calm, there is the option of a walk along the beach, Moor sheltered from winds and shallow waves on a beach, where it is common to see some sailboat that aims to take a photo with the Cies Islands in the background. Nudist beaches original author and source of the article