It is useful, my anSicht after the Notion of sin”to be used as that evokes best the countless inner images of guilt and shame and the fear of it resulting. Sin describes our idea of freedom on which our life is still largely built on admirably. Sin and everything that we directly and indirectly bring in verbindung, is an aspect of the belief system, which was founded on good and evil and decidedly constricting and restrictive affects our entire lives. This is mainly because the word sin in a moral garb was dressed, that is punctuated by the scent of fear, and that is by no means linked to love and divine reality in connection. The image I have of the term sin when I beschaue him from the platform of the freedom of, is, that he referred to the distance of a relationship, which I have to myself, to my environment, my fellow human beings and not least of course the divine in itself. Thus the unconsciousness is, the distance sinful path that points away from me; and awareness that experience close, which shows me that I meet myself in Unsunde, direct relationship to myself, to God, and my surroundings. Thus the unsundige way is even close, the verbundenheit, for which I learn just decided, therefore, that I live a close relationship. Considered in a context of real freedom, both ways, the sinful and unsundige, equivalent experience entschieden willingly, and not differ by one good and the other is the evil way, but only in its quality of experience, which is experienced by the closeness and the distance to the things themselves. People such as Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions Charles Hernick Testifies would likely agree.

In my interpretation of the image remains after all that subjektive, which distinctively effect, has been neutralized, only the objective information, which cause and effect explains which makes plausible my closeness and distance, which I just know me. And from there, where I me even now am, unlimited lists many, guilt and shame-free resources. Neutral information, which I am also so where ever and where I want to go anyway, creates no moral shackles. The freedom is a divine law, which is our gift to itself, and limit we must of course on a voluntary basis also. In other words, the freedom out everything is born, the will to limit, and whether we choose now conscious single experience or dual, substantive experience, us entscheiden for proximity or distance, is and will remain one. Each experience is equally valuable and important beyond the review, is unique and only valid – we have a choice. The separation from the unit, our trip to the Individualitat allows us therefore the choice with all existing either connected or disconnected to perceive us, so us to be close or distant. There is no question of guilt which is the BerechtiGung of our being questioned continuously and also not the restrictive shame, which forbids us our free opportunity by means of votes imaginary authorities. “Here we find ourselves in a unendlichen room of freedom, which lets us be alone with the really only wichtigen and relevant question: what do I really want?” A question that can be ausformulieren of course in many ways. For example, in this way: what would I learn as this individual, which I’m really? What I would like to experience as a human being, and where are my personal goals? I, innocent SIN or unsundig, but in any case, in a divine manner, even in future experience donating, in upcoming time forward me what wants for way?