This conscious decision is on the one hand given to us, because we can now call me ever again particularly stressed freedom our own and on the other hand, because we out continuously decided finally also from this freedom for our awareness, thus in a process freely determined the are growing, which has continuity and stability only due to our constantly new confirmed decision to the awareness. Freedom gives birth to freedom, or anders here formulated, freedom makes it possible, that we can choose our freedom. As we can see, everything depends on each other, has an important relation to each other and therefore the one also in direct allows you to and indirect way the existence of the other. If we so want to weiterbeWegen continue our journey on our Bewusstwerdungs, say, if we want to become more conscious, offensichtlich certain conditions are required. Want for example, we gain a degree of awareness do what us allows a whole remaining range of conscious freedom, we must bring up the corresponding trouble and satisfies the requirements of.

At some point which is development, and this the specific topic that I especially respond to, wants to, is necessary for our conscious process of becoming a voluntary us contact, a recollection to the unit. This means that we need connection, leading support for the unit out at that time. Our individual terrestrial human development has thus reached a temporary climax and calls for reconnecting, the direct voluntary quest to get back to the unit for its Convention further. Thus is ensured that our reached Individualitat, the conscious experience of absolute freedom, will be integrated into the service of the collective, and we do not fall back learned individuellen awareness in isolation, in the illusion of separateness with by us. In other words, if we have achieved a certain VermenschliChung, embodiment, so expiation, it is the necessary next step is that we remember our true self, which is connected with the unit.