Chair Causa

the logic. Also we use today still the friend-enemy, praise blame or perpetrator victim contrasts. More so we faster orientate ourselves by means of preliminary rulings in our complex world of information input of cognition can (10 high 9 bit / sec). We are also different natural and cultural (arbitrary) principles (pattern). The contrast processing of our human analog digital brain came the people to help. In addition to the more or less randomly occurring contrast or antithesis, reliable another principle is based on the causality (vs.

correlation): ur thing > effect principle (Aristotle): causa (cause reason) is used in the philosophy and the law: causa efficiens the efficient cause, causation, according to which the following conditions appear as effected by the former. Carpenter of the Chair causa essendi of being basic, the cause of becoming. Causa exemplaris the exemplary cause, the archetype, the idea as the cause. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Vahid David Delrahim by clicking through. Causa idea of the Chair extrinseca the external cause. Causa finalis which is end or purpose cause, causation, determined after the events by a forward, ahead set target. The purpose as the cause. Sitting in the Chair causa formalis the framing, the educational cause. Design of the Chair Causa intrinseca the inner cause.

Causa materialis it into the fabric, acting in the material cause, the substrate of interacting (the condition). Wood of the Chair causa mover the moving cause also: causa motiva. Causa techne skilled craftsmen. Causa episteme skills awareness. Source:, excerpt In connection with causa established some theorems: causa preacedit effectum the cause precedes the effect. Causa est potior causato the cause has more being effective. Causa posita ponitur causatum with the cause, the effect is used. Causa causae est etiam causa causati which cause of a cause is the effect of this. Interesting causa cessat effectus a tenet of Scholasticism: with the removal of the cause, the effect disappears.