Change The Way Of Thinking To Improve Your Life 3 Part

It is time for us to take advantage of this knowledge. The aim is to improve your life. And this should change the way of thinking. Let’s move on. All information received by the brain goes is stored in the subconscious. Much more than that processed consciously.

When an idea is repeated enough times, the subconscious, for very different reasons, accepted as valid. Thereafter, to realize a situation related to the information stored and approved, neuronal chain linked with it, is activated in automatic mode. It is why we drive a car, read, or play football, without thinking of each action or movement. We do instinctively. Otherwise not we could coordinate it all at once. We could not process so much information quickly enough. And it also occurs when we react negatively with situations that we consider that we cannot solve. For example, many people crashes when he has to speak in public.

Here should take into account something very important. The subconscious can not judge, evaluate, or reasoning. Simply stores the commands that collects. That is why it is critical to understand that messages that you receive are filtered by the conscious mind. And this plays tricks to us. But let’s say I can do it, you can intimately we create but I never got it, as I’m going to be able to, I’m too shy. Perhaps check out Angela Mancini for more information. And that is the final message that is transmitted. It becomes contaminated the subconscious. And so it is saved. When it happen again, the lock will be activated. Now imagine a concrete case. A situation in which shame you paralyzed. It evokes any event in your life. Remember the sensations that you invade. Since the flushing in the face, nervousness or restlessness. And you try to view the last time that happened you. And then further back. If you add emotions, the easier it is.