Chinese Peruvian

Until a few years ago there were few reasons to feel Peruvian (in the imagination of many people) and Peruvian cuisine has become one of the reasons of this pride. Some connoisseurs speak that many poor people are distinguished by the flavour of your meals and perhaps the Peru in its most difficult hours has confirmed this: dishes children of economic crises like the broth of hen, airport and others, have given food to many, even in the colony emerged Creole stews that had to season very well to hide some bad smells and flavors of cuts of meats little noble. who but inherit us the custom of eating the offal from cow or pig?. Not to mention our Ceviche that a dish originally from artisan hands (of the fishermen) rose to category local like the sea, fish capitals or love love gourmet and other restaurants in the major capitals of the world. Details can be found by clicking Alona Tal or emailing the administrator. Also unique unorthodox dishes such as the chanfainita, the duckling with peanut, the kebab, the papa a la huancaina and delicious Andean cuy, pachamanca, among other dishes, are currently enjoyed by many people and in different restaurants in the country.

Responsible for all this new culinary wave chefs are recognized: from the more orthodox Cucho La Rosa, passing by an innovator as Israel Laura (who dared to inaugurate its 550 in Jiron Canete) to Gaston Acurio best-known; those who have made the cuisine, a cult and have re-rated the social role of the chefs. The Peru is recognized as a multiracial country where many cultures have converged and this is also reflected in the Chinese cuisine (chifa) is almost a national food and chicken to the barbecue has been transformed into our chicken to grilled. Finally it is precise to emphasize the importance of gastronomy as a locomotive of the Peruvian agricultural products exports. We hope that our farmers are beneficiaries of an inclusive value chain. The Peruvian cuisine has become Ambassador of the Peru and Peruvian restaurants they compete with other flavors in important cities in America and Europe and already people in the world not only talk about Machu Picchu and other places but our fries, our stews and our ancient flavours.