How to Manage a Staff

Mr. Ramirez is Manager of the area where you Lord F Raul Ramirez Raul take a seat, please Raul F: Thank you, Mr. Ramirez, Raul, the country's economic situation has made the company lost major clients, so we have areas of company should be closed. Unfortunately, your section is in that situation. We can not keep him in office so we let him go … Raul F: You mean I'm fired? ReGraciascomendaciones They say they are. for many "and hardened in these matters" irrelevant; But for those who have not had that experience, here are some simple tips that will help more than one.

To "not get into trouble, who knows, some day I applied to …. you .. What needs to be cordial to 1.-2.-3 .- Speak clearly Trying to stay calm during the meeting. 4.-Showing the negative aspects that led to the decision 5.-Enter the positives 6 .- Order the return of identification, keys and other documentation 7 .- Be ready to pay the economic part that corresponds to the employee, pay him immediately, do not return another day for that purpose. 8 .- If you can offer re-employment program, the better. Hear other arguments on the topic with isearch. By the same author: Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Otherwise give him their recommendations for support in finding new employment. What not to do 1 .- Leave a doubt, time heals all wounds 2 .- Discuss, discuss 3 .- Make personal comments, enjoy your "big night." 4 – After this farewell statement. Take the employee as soon as possible to the company premises 5 .- Wait a special day to dismiss the employee, such as your birthday 6 .- If the employee is over for a causal partner or a rumor, better and not spend a lot of "saliva" in the subject. Author's website: