Latin America

Sold military, amigos del alma, tempted by wealth and power, but no matter, there will always be who confess them and court-martial in the name of Christ. The one who is going to betray me is here, sitting at the table with me. I, the son of man will die as God has decided it. But something terrible will happen to you is going to betray me. (Jesus in Luke) A simple cardboard box, began to tremble to the Honduran oligarchy and an empire, they have a deep fear to the popular will.

They did not fear to carton, but the ideas that this box would contain. By that ahead of treason, they desperately sought the thirty pieces of silver for Romeo and Micheletti. In this world, the Kings of countries govern their people and not let them do anything without your permission. Moreover, chiefs that govern say to people: we are your friends and make them good. But you must not be like them. The greatest among you must be the least important of all; and the head of everyone should be served at the demas (Jesus in Luke) could not leave the people to express its views, had to stop this evil to as it would result.

The best thing was the betrayal, of the same party, of the my friend and friend, the head of the soldiers, many coins were needed for this betrayal, but more money is at stake. Los disciples began to wonder who would dare to surrender to Jesus. Then the disciples began to argue about who among them would be the more importante. (Lucas) Everything has gone wrong, Latin America and the international community are United against the coup. Until Obama condemned it and called it illegal, although his subordinates came to interpret his words, and give them a new twist semantic, more ambiguous.