Markus Lemcke Wheelchair

The Web portal wheelchair accessible mobile searches disabled parking in all Germany Markus Lemcke, a specialist in barrier-free Web design, accessibility and disability software and search engine optimization, has set high objectives with the barrier-free Web portal. Markus Lemcke wants to collect accessible hotels, restaurants, pubs, and handicapped parking spaces in all Germany and present it in a clear form. Now, there are already places and spaces for disabled persons from 6 provinces in Germany. Accessible hotels and restaurants by federal States like Brandenburg, Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia, Markus Lemcke would very happy. The States main links in the navigation bar located on the left side of the Web portal “, Markus Lemcke explained his concerns. For a hotel or a restaurant/pub to be included in the Web portal, certain criteria should be met. Restaurants and pubs must be easily accessible for wheelchair users. You should no stairs at the entrance have or provide an alternative to stairs.

Hotels an access for wheelchair users is not sufficient. You must have at least 1 room which is large enough, so that a wheelchair can rank and the bathroom must be also large enough for wheelchair users. In addition is specified at each accessible restaurant/pub, whether a wheelchair accessible toilet and a handicapped parking space is available. For wheelchair users and disabled people, both are very important. Contact details of accessible hotels, restaurants and pubs located in the section accessible targets”. There, a map shows environment in which is located the barrier-free goal. After two clicks of the mouse on the map appears an online route planner by Google, with whose help the way to the barrier-free target can be calculated and displayed. Also accessible targets can be found in the section”a convenient search function which can be searched category and/or location.

As soon a wheelchair users or people with mobility problems a restaurants/rudely or authority power plant, is that finding handicapped parking a big problem. Markus Lemcke would therefore offer a wide range of disabled parking in cities and towns in its Web portal. Therefore he would appreciate information from cities and towns, from which emerges, where there are handicapped parking spaces. The inclusion of the handicapped parking spaces in the Web portal is of course free of charge. As before, details of accessible hotels, restaurants, restaurants and bars, also free entered are welcome.