Mayor Wolfgang Wagner

Lower building supervision declined so far all construction projects on the hail mountain in the specially designated protected area a “tower” with mobile phone antennas systems should be built. The local Council and residents of hail mountain use the following arguments against this nonsensical project and ask for assistance: 1 industrial architecture in a nature preserve that planned building should even 37.50 m are so high like a modern House, with antenna systems! Such a steel lattice is itself already ugly enough. Due to the inappropriate height of the scenic beauty of the hail mountain nothing but. Steffan Lehnhoff, New York City helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. 2. an observation tower at hail is nor economically defensible as tourism conducive little use to the general public.

No other visitors to the region are lured by this project as close to four (moderately used) observation towers. A touristic promotion of the place does not take place, the Tower mutilated this beautiful and historic Hill. 3. It not only are unexplained costs with the installation of a tower. The follow-up costs (access routes, traffic control, waste disposal, maintenance of areas, checks, etc.) are hitherto completely unknown.

Among other reasons, the councilor of the town Belzig decided a clear “no” to the “tower”. The district has the legal way to go about this vote over however and this is currently also planning! 4 the lower building supervision authority justified their rejection of building applications on or around the Hagelberg (show mill, mobile telephone mast, wind turbines) obvious contradictions in the past multiple arguments of landscape protection. “5. legal doubt as a reason for the privilege of the construction in the protected area be non-commercial” and “serve the public” character. In a building, which serves as a receptacle for mobile radio antennas and whose other nutzen for the general public to zero, is however very well in our opinion by Beginning to assume a commercial use of the structure. How can you help us? 1. raise your voice against this nonsensical project. Write a letter or a card: Mayor Wolfgang Wagner, Balthazar str.7 14806 small Glien. We forward the opinions of the district.