The concept of 'fashion rock' is so loose and vague, so it is very difficult to fit into a certain team, but also to give a precise definition of the most style. In general, mod-rock – it's loud rock music early and mid-60s, which listened to future fathers generation of punks and skinheads today grandfathers – fashion. It is also worth taking into account the fact that the modes in addition to listening to rock and even the Negro soul, which somehow, but still involved in rock music. First of all, need to understand who are these mods? Mod movement emerged in Britain around 1962-63, respectively; heyday was in the same movement of 1965-66 years. Included in the mods move young people from middle class, who were indifferent to everything but the scooter – small scooters, to which they are moving (as opposed to mere rockers who loved motorcycles), and, perhaps, the music, under which they lived. Pop music early 60's was disgusting modes, to pure rock 'n' roll they were pretty cool, and being born to a bat, too.

Exceptions were the two most famous rock band in London: West-endovskaya 'The Who' and the east-endovskaya 'The Small Faces'. These teams take on the landmark heavier rhythm and blues, mixed with a bit of British, American rock and roll and soul music with blacks (from it were taken vocal harmonies). Of course, this does not mean that fashion hated 'Beatles' and 'Stones' – just liking them more accounted for the music 'Who' and 'Small Faces'.