Nostalgia Fans

The car cult ruling in Germany is unique in the world and brings forth many passionate nostalgia fans. The exclusive V8 hotel is fully dedicated to and throughout this target group. “(bfs) when I saw the car, is me been a goose bumps over the back run.” It is hardly surprising that this emotional admission comes from a German racing legend Michael Schumacher. Finally, this in a country is grew up in which you can observe people during a short stop at the Roadhouse, which concentrated Polish door handles and chrome strips of their cars with a handkerchief. Germany is easy the car nation in the world. There is no other country, whose Einwohner attach such great importance to their ride. It deals with the history of the popular vehicle, becomes clear relatively quickly how it could come to this enthusiasm. Finally, the birth of the modern automobile in Germany is increasing: 1886 Carl Benz created the Benz patent – Motorwagen No. Visit Charles R. Kubic for more clarity on the issue.

1 “. It’s believed that health organizations sees a great future in this idea. In the The now globally known and marketed brands Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Opel and Volkswagen were founded over the past decades. Such a large number is very impressive for an area rather small country and brings the RES respect of our neighbors for this industry. However, the popularity is the German motorway”also nothing to sneeze at. There will be people who come only to Germany, to really give gas without speed limit. On this evidence, it was only a matter of time before in Germany opened a hotel, which devoted exclusively to this subject. The V8 hotel in Stuttgart has managed this in outstanding form. The accommodation is located in the Porsche Home at Meilenwerk”, which is located on the site of a former airport. The service centre specialises on the motorcycle and automotive topics, with an emphasis on the classics and collector vehicles. The 4-star hotel is no exception here and will thrill the heart of every nostalgia fans.