Novel Of Our Childhood

The award-winning book by Georg Klein In March has moved Leipzig literary friends from all over Germany. Everything has reputation in the German literary scene, gathered for the annual book fair in the Saxon city. On this occasion was as usual the Leipzig book fair Prize for Literature Award. The online Department store introduces the book of the prize winner Georg Klein. The Augsburg-born Georg Klein published narrative prose since 1984. in 1998 followed with the work Libidissi’ debut novel.

“His last novel quality Sin Flash” was released in 2007 at the Rowohlt Publishing House. Now, his latest book is novel of our childhood”came on the market and fiction was immediately awarded the literature prize of the Leipzig book fair in the category worth 45,000 euros. Thus continued the work, already the Brothers-Grimm-Preis and the Bachmann Prize have been awarded its author, against four other nominated books (books/category/1003305 /) by. The Publisher describes the novel as a radical demonic fantastic and autobiographical book”. The story takes place one summer in the early 1960s in a southern town.

A group of children sells is the infinite-seeming time of the summer holidays between new buildings and American barracks. Between a Bower colony and an abandoned Inn, they encounter the mysterious Commander silver, a man without a face. Then, the murder of one of the children in the new settlement is prophesied. In an overwhelming poetic language draws small in his novel the picture of a childhood that was so much carefree and exciting as the dreary existence of adults.