Pineapple Boost Metabolism

Nice and tight in the spring: mango, Apricot and pineapple stimulate the metabolism, push the connective tissue and all around beautiful make Hamburg, February 2009 spring is flirting time, because long-awaited mild weather awakens feelings in many people. The hormones go berserk and the clothing is again an airy and character-driven. But the winter was long and still not too far behind the festive season have unwanted pounds to go. FRU Cha! helps with the dried power fruits mango, Apricot and pineapple organically grown and fairly traded nice and tight in the spring to come. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit MARGENZA. Mango: delicious vitamin C bomb cellulite fight mangoes belong to the top vitamin C supplier: 100 g of dried mangoes by FRU’Cha! contain 148, 9mg of vitamin C three times as much as is included in lemon. Due to their very high vitamin C content help mangoes in the fight against floppy tissues and reduce unsightly dents. 1 but not only that: promote the aromatic tropical fruits Skin renewal, soothe the cycle and help to reduce stress.

With pro vitamin A and vitamin B9 they encourage also the human organism with many important nutrients to the cell division and cell renewal. Apricot: Vitamin A for beautiful and longer smooth skin Dried apricots by FRU’Cha! are not only low in fat, but they also have a very high content of fiber and are rich in vitamin A and C. The growth factor”2 vitamin A promotes metabolism and cell division. As a free radical scavenger, it has a preventive effect against wrinkles and delay skin aging. So, the skin remains smooth and supple longer. 3 vitamin C stimulates fat burning and the structure of the connective tissue for a nice and tight body. Pineapple: low-fat high-fiber supplier with many enzymes as a low-fat snack for snack has the pineapple on a very high content of dietary fiber. Which puts the Bikini figure within reach, because dietary fibres have a high swelling power, feels faster fed up and the feeling of hunger will return only slowly.

The enzymes in pineapples in addition bring the metabolism and help burn body fat. Fancy FRU’Cha! FRU’s products are available ‘ Cha! via the online shop at, via numerous organic markets, Delicatessen, trade in selected food, health food shops and pharmacies. When ordering online, the 100 g pack pineapple costs 2.99 euros, the 200 g pack Dried apricots 2,99 Euro and the 125 g pack mango 3.49 euros plus shipping costs. About FRU’Cha! FRU’Cha! GmbH & co. KG, based in Hamburg, Germany refers to its products exclusively from certified organic and supporting sustainable action. The targeted selection of Fairtrade products makes an important contribution to the self-help for the producing countries this approach is being continuously expanded. FRU is ‘ Cha! official partner of the Trianglekonzepts fair trade, organic farming, rain forest protection – which Brazilian farmers and their Environmental supports. The appealing from over 20 dried fruit and nut varieties range from classics such as trail mix to the exotic Acai powder.