Planning Conception

Came the moment when you consciously ready for a child. (A valuable related resource: Dr. Neal Barnard). And you decided to approach this issue without relying on chance and not wait for the mercy of nature. Well, if you begin to plan pregnancy and day conception, then you need to take into account many factors. Many people think that success in conceiving a child need only stop safe sex, start eating healthy foods, maintain a correct lifestyle, and every evening to indulge in love. and comes desired pregnancy.

Thinks so much of the couples who scheduled the birth of a child. But statistics show the following: out of every 5 mothers in at least one conception occurs only after 6 – 12 months Regular attempts. About 17% of families today simply can not bear children. But as practice shows, the number of cases of treatment to the doctors with the problem of infertility is "imaginary." And it is not necessary that the problem of conception is related to infertility. It may just be "misses in the right days." Chances of pregnancy significantly-increasing, if the woman knows her "dangerous" and "safe" days. Ie it can to determine exactly in which of the Day menstrual cycle is the probability of pregnancy. You must calculate the time of ovulation. In each menstrual cycle one of the follicles in the ovary begins to grow.

Under the influence of female sex hormones starts to form mature egg. And about the middle of the cycle, this egg is released from the follicle is completely ready for a meeting with the sperm. Egg lives for about 24 hours. Sperm – 3 – 5 days. Thus, if sexual act occurs 2 – 3 days before ovulation, the "live" sperm is not enough, and if the actual day of ovulation – the chances of conception increase. In addition, not every loop – ovulating. In a normal woman to 28 years, has 8 – 10 ovulations per year, 28 – 33 years – about 6 – 8 ovulations per year, after 35 – even less. Morning planning a woman can start with a thermometer and measuring the rectal temperature (note that occupation is not a pleasant one), endlessly calculating auspicious days for conceiving children through the calendar, make love on a schedule and spit under a microscope. And you can rely on a more progressive methods of test to determine the optimal days of conception.