Saudi Arabia

Madrid, February 20, 2008. In Thailand and Saudi Arabia campaigned to prevent the passion itself. Alarmed by surveys showing that one in four Thai teens celebrate Valentine's having sex, police deployed a device to prevent it. The motels, shopping centers and parks in Bangkok (the capital) were examined thoroughly in a campaign to "ensure good behavior" on it. Thus, all minors who were planning to use the public parks of the Thai capital for their meetings, they had to find another place or forget your plans, because the authorities all the lights as a deterrent and urged parents to ensure that their children return home soon. The university survey published recently claimed that 27 percent of the 2,400 teenagers in the capital could have sex. Although the Thai capital is one of the sex trade hubs around the world, the country's moral weigh ideology of Buddhist population, which is very conservative. In a more radical measure, the Saudi religious police ban red roses directly overlooking the Valentine's Day, forcing couples in the conservative Muslim nation to think of.

Thus, the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice ordered florists and gift shops owners of the capital Riyadh to remove any red items, widely regarded as the symbol of love. The squad believes that Valentine's Day promotes relations between men and women outside marriage. Saudi Arabia imposes an austere form of Sunni Islam, which does not allow mixing between unrelated men and women and relationships outside marriage are strictly prohibited and punishable by law. If you are lucky enough to have your better half and able to express your love and passion, a remake of Valentine's Day is never over. The site offers a range of alternatives. Why not surprising your brand with a bouquet of red roses, fine chocolates or a getaway to a place? Victoria Molnar (Source: EL PAIS and Reuters) for more information