Setembrino Pear

– Its excellency is only of ticket and desires to sleep this night in a clean and soft bed, before facing the hinterland. You she will have to provide lodging and meals for the comitiva, the governor, the Listener of the State of the Interior, a priest and a senator. Per the morning, the Listener will grant audience to hear your claims. – Revin reiven – The arraial does not need the support of the government? – Yes, clearly! We need – It will have to This that to say you the Listener. I have that to continue my trip.

– It is certain. Follow others, such as Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and add to your knowledge base. I am surpreso and honored, therefore – The road is flooded and the convoy was obliged to make this shunting line. It understood, you well what he has that to make? – Certainly. Soft bed and good food for the travellers. It does not want to lunch before leaving? – I do not have time, but accepted something to eat in the trip. Quickly, Terncio cut a bread to the way, placed a salame piece and another one of cheese, caught a bottle of wine and delivered to the 2 second lieutenant. -, Now only necessary of one it would mount rested.

– I go to provide When the man left, Terncio left the son taking care of of the warehouse and ran for the tannery of its Matias friend Sheep. Matias was talking with the foreman and Terncio called it, making a gesture. The two for the edge of the stream had walked. – We have a subject important and urgent to treat. – What he was man, saw some ghost? – Before he was compadre. A soldier of Guarda of Vice-King arrived at my establishment, informing that it goes to arrive more at night soon. – A soldier? What! soldier? – 2 second lieutenant Setembrino Pear tree, informing that Governor-Generality it goes to arrive more soon.