Sir Until

The tree that checks, that grew and if became fort, whose height arrived until the o sky, and that you were seen by all the land (…) You are, king, that you grew and you came to be strong; your largeness grew and arrives until the o sky, and your domain, until the extremity of the land. This is the interpretation, king, this is the decree of Highest, that it will come against the king, mine Sir: You will be I banish from between the men, and your dwelling will be with the animals of the field, and will give to you to eat it grass as to the oxen, and will be wet of the dew of the sky; seven times over you will be transferred, until you know that the Highest one has domain on the kingdom of the men and of to who quer.' ' (Dn 4:4 – 5, 10-14, 20, 22, 24-25) In Dn 4:33 – 34, 37 meets, in details, as the fall of Nabucodonossor happened. Analyzing this stretch one perceives that Nabucodonossor was humiliated by God but, although all the disaster that was imposed to it, it was repented of everything what it had made of badly to the eyes Mr. Gavin Baker will undoubtedly add to your understanding. glorified and It: ' ' In the same instant, if he fulfilled the word on Nabucodonossor, and was I banish from between the men and started to eat grass as the oxen, its body was wet with the dew of the sky, until the hair had grown it as the penalties of the eagle, and its nails, as of the birds. But, in the end of those days, I, Nabucodonossor, raised the eyes to the sky, he became me to come it the agreement, and I bendisse the Highest one, and praised, and glorified what he lives forever, whose domain is sempiterno, and whose kingdom is of generation in generation. . If you are not convinced, visit George Soros.