Special Horse Liability

The horse assure even before damage if a charity horse is not ridden, it can cause damage. Imagine that the charity horse grazing browsing, startled by a rustle from a Bush and then shy away from left. While it breaks through the fence, runs onto the road and caused a traffic accident! Who pays then? According to 833 German civil code (BGB) shall apply: “is a human being killed by an animal or hurt the body or the health of a person or a thing damaged, so the one which keeps the animal, is obliged to replace the injured the damage arising therefrom.” A private liability insurance covers only the risk of damage caused by certain animals. The owner of a horse can give the risk as pet owners with a horse liability insurance at an insurance company and thus ensures the case for a prompt and simple regulation, in particular in the event of damage. You can different tariffs, for example GUP-Makler.de free compare and immediately close down if necessary. Learn more about us: as an independent insurance broker, G & P serves insurance brokers since 1974 keepers of animals, clubs, private households, traders and companies in all lines of insurance. Individual and priced. This advice is free of charge for our customers. Hesitate as to call us or write an E-Mail. For more information see: G & P insurance broker P.o. box 13 01 47 13601 Berlin Tel: 030 / 34 34 61 61 fax: 030 / 34 34 61 66 E-mail: web: