Uncertainty Insurance

An investment without consideration of the chart is like a highway driving at night without headlights. Despite the new tax rules from January 2009 – greetings from the flat tax with lump sum 25% + of German investors solos and church tax – seems to have no interest on the equity investment. Along also the Frankfurt Xetra exchange sales have suffered a slump in November by nearly 50 percent compared to November 2007. If this surprised even due to the prevailing financial market crisis (Unword of the year 2008?). However, there are already numerous bargains among the 30 DAX companies, speaks solely the fundamental review for an introduction or should one wait and prefer the dark appearing quarterly results of next year? This remains the crucial question among many plants have. By the same author: Boy Scouts of America. Therefore I would like to use me today the possibility of technical analysis to make derivatives to the possible development of the DAX. First, make rough assessment of the overall situation, I the DAX in the 10-season window on a weekly basis off. This complemented by a moving average (trend following model) in the 78iger period setting which provided signals for corresponding index movements (see arrow and text markers) at an early stage.

Parent of the DAX is no matter whether this listed at 4,000 or 5,000 points still in a downtrend intact. CONCLUSION: 50/50 break out trading range (4,700/4,300) wait with the opening on Monday, 08.12.2008, the DAX should start right at the beginning of the week with a decent point gap (due to the stock rally Friday evening in the United States) when compared with the closing level on Friday probably is a difference from 100 to 140 points. This is already a first indication. The DAX claims this index gap during the week, so further improvements would be possible and therefore the DAX by crossing the mark of 4,700 points more power should you have since September to attack existing downtrend line in the range of 5,000 to be able to.