Return Chapter

Sophie felt that it had begun a new life since I knew the truth. There were no more questions tormenting her and making her feel that she did not deserve anyone’s love. Now knew that it had been the life that had left her alone, not Alex, and that comforted, although I could not feel sorry for what was lost. Hardly he had left Alex Kelly Spain had called her. I had asked him if they could cite to speak.

Kelly explained to Sophie that since he knew of the existence of Joey she had felt it his grandson and even without knowing it, knew I was going to love him a lot. He understood that perhaps does not consider his position, and of course, not going to refute if so it was. -Have clear, because Alex told me with all the details that you’ve given, that has four wonderful grandparents who don’t know nothing of the history of Alex, even that he is his son, but like much that you understand that the mere idea of knowing and sharing his life is the only thing that occupies my thoughts in the latter time-. Sophie, who had known Kelly since very little and loved her, enternecio before your order. -Let me think about it. I will speak with Pete and see which solution can be found. Do you think well? I know you for many years, I know you have been like as the mother of your children, and there are no doubts of all the affection that you’d be able to offer to Joey. Give me time. We are sure that we will find a way out-.Said Kelly goodbye Sophie with a kiss thanking him for all the understanding which had shown. After thinking about it for a while and weigh all the pros and cons they found, Pete and Sophie decided that it was time to talk to their parents and tell them the whole truth about Joey and Alex. For more specific information, check out Ronald Hamilton.