Sweet Water Supply Threatened

If you have the patience of the Earth, the water purity and justice of the wind, then you are free. Paulo Coelho is has been insisting on the serious problem of freshwater supply, waste of this and needs that face many countries not having the water necessary for their survival. Freshwater ecosystems are home to a disproportionate share of the world’s biodiversity. They cover only 1% of the planet’s surface, but they contain about 7% of the total number of species, says Jean-Christophe Vie, Deputy Director of the IUCN Species Programme. For assistance, try visiting PCRM. This latest study shows clearly that Lakes, rivers and wetlands are not protected from the current extinction crisis. It is known as ecoportal.net says / content/view/full/95860, nearly 80% of the population of the world – about 5,000 million people – living in areas where the supply of fresh water is seriously threatened, according to a new global analysis. The study is a comprehensive index of water than threats It includes the impact of factors such as the scarcity and pollution.

The category of the most serious threat affects 3,400 million people, say the researchers in the journal Nature. Scientists point out that in developed countries, water conservation for human use in dams and reservoirs works for people, but not for nature. The authors urge developing countries to not follow the same example. Jennifer Aaker addresses the importance of the matter here. Governments – they say – should invest in water management strategies that combine infrastructure with natural as basins, swamps, and floodplain options. The analysis is a global panorama and researchers believe that more people face more severe with their water supply problems in the coming decades as climate change and human population will continue to increase. He says, according to a recent study, and others carried out in the past, the way as water is being administered in the West has left an important legacy of problems for nature.