Kai Shun Premier Tim Malzer New Models Now Available

Highly successful series of Japanese chef knives expanded in collaboration with the from many TV shows Brewer known chef Tim kai has developed a small series of particularly expressive knives last year, which bear the names of Tim Malzer. The Kai Shun Premier Tim Malzer are damask knife, which have a hand-edited hammered surface as a prominent feature. This layout is called Tsuchime in Japan. It gives an unusual, elegant look of the knives. These knives many buyers were impressed by this outstanding optics.

But not only the look, the technique of the knife meets high requirements. The blades have a massive, hard core from the VG-10 steel has long been proven during the construction of high-quality kitchen knives. The Rockwell hardness is 611 HRC, which ensures a great, long-lasting sharpness in cooperation with the high-quality workmanship and careful, two-sided polishing. The knives are resistant to corrosion, but should in any case maintained by hand. It goes without saying that working with such knives to the conservation of precious blades only on appropriate cutting materials such as wood or plastic cutting boards. Under no circumstances you should cut with these blades on granite, glass, or porcelain. The handle of the Kai Shun Premier Tim Malzer is laminated walnut. He can also be conducted easily due to its particular symmetric form by left-handers.

The noble wood underlines the high quality impression of this knife. This knife series Kai Shun Premier Tim Malzer were the last holiday shopping season one of the hit in the area of high-quality chef’s knife. The demand was so great that earlier this year some models were temporarily discontinued. So, some customers had to take unfortunately delays in purchase, where the beauty of this knife is worth any waiting. In the meantime, the supply situation has eased, and all knives are back in stock. Due to the great success of this outstanding chef’s knife to the Shun series at Kai now has extended Premier Tim Malzer and namely to: Kai Shun Premier Santoku 14 cm blade Kai Shun Premier knives with 15 cm so that fulfilled the wishes of many users for smaller versions of the two most sold Kai versions of this outstanding knife. Still are new: Kai Shun Premier meat fork Kai Shun Premier steak knife set that this exceptionally beautiful and popular knife not only in the kitchen, but also on the table will be to see and use. Not succeed out safely even at these fine tools. Thus the series Kai Shun consists of Prime Tim Malzer immediately following tools: Office knife utility knife steak knife Santoku 14 cm Santoku 18 cm chef’s knife 15 cm chef’s knife 20 cm bread knife slicing knife meat fork even when success among the users not to the new blades will keep waiting. The new models of Santoku chef’s knife are pradestinert especially for smaller hands, especially for ladies who prefer mostly smaller knife.