When being in harmony with one same one, one has get ready to show to honor and esteem towards other people. Credit: Americares-2011. To value itself to itself brings prepared to value to the others. 3. More information is housed here: Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions Charles Hernick Testifies. The lack of humility causes anger and generates fights; humility creates serenity and tranquillity. 4. With humility the capacity is developed to admit the mistakes, since the fear is eliminated to feel that one is not worth anything.

When knowing itself itself, the critic is transformed into a growth possibility. 5. With humility, it is easier to pardon quickly to others. 6. Humility is to appreciate what we have, is to have brings back to consciousness of which everything is a gift.

In an occasion, in the evening, a man came to our house to tell the case us of a Hindu family of eight children. They had not eaten already several days ago. It asked to us that we did something by them. So that I took something of rice and I went away to see them. I saw. how the eyes of the children because of the hunger shone. The mother took the rice from my hands she divided, it in two parts and she left. When it returned I asked to him what had done with one of the two rations of rice. It responded to me: ” They also have hambre”. He knew that neighboring you of the door of alongside, the Muslims, were hungry. I was surprised more of its preoccupation by the others that by the action in itself. Generally, when we suffered and when we were in one serious necessity we did not think about the others. On the contrary, this wonderful, weak woman, because she had not eaten several ago days, it had had the value of loving and to give the others, it had the value of sharing.