Spain DELE

Valencia. The Diplomas of Spanish as a foreign language (DELE) are official qualifications certifying the degree of competence and mastery of the Spanish language, granted by the Instituto Cervantes on behalf of the Ministry of education of Spain. Exams are divided according to the levels of the common European framework of reference (CEFR), from level A1 to C2. There are three calls a year, in may, August and November. The Instituto Cervantes has just informed that the results of tests of call for August 2010 are available to candidates to your inquiry through the pages of the portal of diplomas. Read more from Jennifer Aaker to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Individualized notification of qualification, which must reach the candidates through the centers of registration and examination, will be forwarded from the Department of commercial management. > is actively involved in the matter. The Centre of registration and examination FEDELE Valencia handled for the call August 2010 in Valencia a total of 99 registrations. The most in demand level, with more than 50% of requests, was the B1.

As in previous calls, one-quarter of the candidates are of Italian nationality. Noteworthy are also the city candidates from countries like Germany, France, Russia and Switzerland. Costa de Valencia, Spanish School, part of FEDELE Valencia. It is empowered by the Instituto Cervantes for the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language and center of registration for the DELE in the city of Valencia, allowing to register and take the DELE exam with them. This Center DELE preparation courses prepare for any tests that are performed in the calls of may, August and November in Valencia (Spain) and in more than 100 countries around the world. Each course is specially designed for passing the test. In the classes working with reviews of previous calls and supplementary materials developed by Costa de Valencia, Spanish School. DELE preparation courses take place in the weeks prior to the announcement of the tests and the call of August 2010, they obtained a percentage of 100% approved.