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Care products and cosmetics in Munich! Since the 19th century, Ludwig Beck successfully sells care and cosmetic products in Munich. Meanwhile, the prestigious company offers also an online shop, which knows how to convince with different brands and a large number of collections. The fascinating products of exquisite brands promise a high-quality care in all respects. In the field of cosmetics is the company of thus absolute pioneer and offered an appropriate skin care for every taste, every skin type and any personal preferences. Excellent labels such as Ormonde Jayne or Amouage offer brand quality, as it is known from the Munich company. Jason Kotowski is the source for more interesting facts. As the company Ormonde Jayne founder Linda Pilkingtion started her career with the figures of bath oils, scented sachets, spark plugs, which made them as gifts for Christmas or birthdays.

Aromatic features a label developed out of this love in the course of time for luxury perfume. Served as inspiration Travel to foreign places, where fascinating cultures and exotic materials, essences and oils, the creativity of the Englishwoman woke up. All collected ideas were then transformed into London in fruity, spicy, Oriental and also Woody luxury fragrances and then successfully marketed. There are perfumes for men and chic fragrance sets, which are ideal as a gift or for travel. The Kingdom of Amouage uses the country Oman as inspiration for exotic perfumes of the extra class. The luxury brand supplies not only prominent celebrities on the entire world, both aristocrats and various Royal houses.

Different perfumes of the labels have the scent of the Orient and inspire not only the West. Through elegant, high quality and exceptional fragrances of musk, sandalwood, and patchouli, they seduce carriers and carrier. The bottles of the fragrances reminiscent of traditional craftsmanship of the old Arab world. Also include the collections of the fragrance House Candles and soaps. The complete nourishing hand and body creams. All offered products are particularly moisturizing, rich and fascinating with fruity as well as Oriental and also Woody aromas. Ultimately, the selection of cosmetics at Ludwig Beck is huge and depending on the preferences you can decide, for example, for oriental fragrances of Amouage or but seductive scent candles by Ormonde Jayne or gift sets of the respective brands.

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This knowing we shouldn’t turn a blind eye and pass it? It is time to take a stand and to contribute our part to liberate Tibet from this oppression. Tibetan jewelry the people for peace and unity have their support for the Tibetans by the worship of Tibetan of jewellery shown. By wearing a Tibetan ring or pendant, for example, you can show the world that it is ready to engage in the cause of Tibet and the freedom of the Tibetan people, so that it can exercise his faith. The popularity of Tibetan jewelry is also a sign of the growth of the believers of Tibetan Buddhism in the Western world, in particular in the United States and Europe. The cosmic jewelry artist David Weitzman has created special Tibetan jewelry, which is based on the various sacred symbols of Tibetan Buddhism. The artist uses the Tibetan, the word “Ohm”, the Lotus and more icons, to make beautiful pendants, rings and bracelets, the carrier reminiscent of the cycle of life and death, because, that the liberation of accessories can lead to enlightenment. Some choose ring to wearing an ohm trailer or Lotus, to represent their viewpoint to the Chinese oppression of Tibet. One of the examples of Tibetan of jewelry you can wear to the show of support for Tibet, is the Tibetan ring.

Designed in the form of the Tibetan node, this ring symbolizes death and rebirth – the cycle of life. He can suggest also the way that the world revolves around karmic consequences and connections. Tibet is a country sacred history and tradition. But all of this is threatened by the continued Chinese occupation. Help Tibet, its natural resources, to protect its culture and its freedom. By wearing Tibetan jewelry, you can give hope to this wonderful nation. You decide why to wear Tibetan jewelry, from you to give itself the power of Buddhist faith and achieve inner peace.

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The heritage classic substance in contemporary and modern Architecture incorporated. The still existing, typical for the former production of glass melting furnaces were lavishly renovated and integrated into the Shopfitting as tangible heritage. Impressively, the venerable building nestles into the ensemble with new sales outlets a. Thus, an extraordinary connection is created by German history and the modern, which makes this project unique and unmistakable. The top brand world of lifestyle outlet Center is made tangible in this very special environment. Selling buildings by Myland offered a wide range of textiles and home accessories there are also all kinds of culinary delights to discover.

In particular are represented to date the following brands: Bruno Banani, Bugatti, Calvin Klein, Cecil, CENTA star, Dolce & Gabbana, Dornbusch, Gubor, guess, Hatico, Jaques Britt, Jean Chantal, Kenny S., Lorenzo Calvino, Mc Kay, Miss Sixty, Nina C., Nolita, one touch, j. Philip, rare, Redford, rich Friday, Schiesser. Uncover, black rose, Seidensticker, street one, Taubert, Tom tailor, Viana, Villeroy & Boch, Wajos. We are sure: the charisma of this investment comprising around 20 million euros will extend far beyond the country’s borders. Myland will attract not only the German in his spell, it will attract many customers from the neighbouring Luxembourg and France,”explains Center Manager Ralph Paige. The construction of Myland focused particularly on environmental sustainability. Accordingly, all buildings with environmentally friendly heat pumps are heated or cooled.

Environmentally conscious construction was a challenge and an affair of the heart for us at the same time, so we have made the natural material wood attractive again,”Patrick Muller makes clear. Myland should be but much more than a shopping paradise with flair. It should be a focal point for tourists from near and far be. It synergy effects are achieved with the opposite nearby German newspaper Museum. Also is only a stone’s throw away world cultural heritage of Volklinger Hutte benefit from the new lifestyle outlet Center and vice versa as well. Press contact: M property management GmbH Center Manager Ralph Pfeifer at Christ the King Church 10 66119 Saarbrucken phone: 0681 / 9 38 04-53 fax: 0681 / 9 38 04-60 E-Mail: Internet: Blum PR agency & editorial office Pascal Blum shear Bachstrasse 5 66271 Kleinblittersdorf Tel.: 06805 / 90 99-474 fax: 06805 / 90 99 475 mobile: 0174 / 4 11 24 21 E-Mail: Internet: