Inter Leadership

They say that it exists a mystery in the world and it if reflects in the causalidade, that is, in the form for which the things happen of this or in that way. In the organizations it could not be different, alone that it is simpler to analyze that the world in its Inter complex relations, at least is a restricted environment. in this environment, nothing more important that to know to make the things to happen in its waited programmings, that is to lead. But what he is important same for a leader? It is enough to give a search for the Internet and to see the result when the subject is leadership. Hundreds of thousand of people speak on leadership, its advantages and necessities.

The majority rains in the wet one, when saying that the leader is this, the leader must make that; repisando the old modeles of autocratic, liberal, situacionais managers and for it goes there. At last, she is necessary to have stomach to run away from the obviedade that if it installed in this segment, mainly when we meditamos on as the virtual world finishes empobrecendo (and not enriching), the addition it human knowledge. To become more easy to find definitive subject, it does not mean that it is of quality, that says this the articles that we see for web and that they do not pass of Ctrl C + Ctrl V of that they had written before, in one mix foreigner, personalista or hiperconvencional. Also it is truth that not if can, in this point of history human being to intend to be original, but yes, to know to ask. Thinking about this, and I resell what the experience taught, ally to the information that arrives in them at mounts for diverse communication channels, we can operate syntheses, that is to claim that of more important for a leadership can be express in few and determined decisive behaviors.

Human Being

The mind of the human being Who did not move of idea in definitive situations? Ace times we have a vision and suddenly it moves in as she wants to see in the phase of the adolescence who we change our opinions quickly, our attitudes we want everything at the same time and we find that she is possible and that we are certain the others is mere besteira to listen. This everything because of the hormones that are the flower of the skin. Some times we come across in them with the attitudes of the people who are not so pleasant arriving some times disappointing in them with its behavior, therefore one hour in the sample a thing and daqui little in the sample a completely different behavior. But it is through these disillusionments that we learn to deal thus with these people in definitive situations and showing its true character. The newspapers mentioned Boy Scouts of America not as a source, but as a related topic. For them the behavior continues the same, but, for who it is of it are obtains to see beyond. It is difficult to deal still more with the human being in the question of feeling, behavior, opinion, therefore each one has its skill to act. This machine that it is the human being is difficult to decipher, since it does not come the manual of instructions much less the menu so that let us can choose the best option. Therefore before more nothing, we exactly need in them to know so that thus let us can help and understand the other better..


What it is to be happy? Because she will be that the people in such a way search the happinesses in the illicit life? Because he will be that the men look the happiness, in the imediatismo? We go to see as we can have a meeting with the such happiness, that all long for. BSA is full of insight into the issues. 1 In our life we pass for some pleasant moments, where we will be, and at any time, we can have a moment of emotion, joy, and a deep feeling, at last, a happiness moment. 2 To such happiness that all long for do not have address, and if to sairmos its search we will not find it. nor we can buy it, in any I sing of the world. The happiness is not in the appearances of the life, the emotions, the alucinante delirium, that the world produces by means of the immorality. 3 It is not between the nobility or in the simple life. The happiness does not have address and nor form, but it is a reality.

4 and it appears in our lives as a vehement wind, but for this we have that to have the requirements necessary to receive it and to reverenciar it. 5 It does not appear stops we by means of our position, beauty or elegance. It does not seem for we by means of what we have or we do not have, and is not through our luxury who we can enjoy for what we possess. 6 If we will have all this cited privilege, us we can have a peripheral happiness, but we are speaking of something sublime, what he carries through in them. The happiness is something that does not describe. 7 the true happiness runs away from the fiction, of the impurity, and nothing that is impure it will be able to touch it, nothing takes off its esplendor. The happiness is non-separable friend of the love; 8 Therefore if to live an impure life, we will not be able to say that we are happy.

E if to sairmos its search we will not find longed for happiness so; 9 Is impossible to be happy if we will not have the life of a true Christian. Therefore if to live a incorrect life never we will be happy, and we are living of illusion, and the illusion does not condemn our appearance, but it condemns our interior. 10 Therefore when you to feel itself happy, for some act of love that you practised, it smiles with the heart. Because the happiness is something sublime. It does not have address, and we cannot buy it, we will only find it through the love and of the pureness that to live. These are the requirements to find it: dignity, humildade, charity and dom to pardon, thus I smell we only exhale it of Christ and we can say with certainty that we find with so longed for happiness.

The Foundations Of The Life

The foundations are laces of concrete and iron, that serve of base for the walls and columns. All the human being constructs to its life based on relations and these if they seem the foundations of a house very. The first foundations of the life of a person are the parents who since age more tenra take care of with affection of the new to be that he learns with these first lies to love and to be loved understanding and being understood, this foundation is the strongest of all life and is where this fincada first column of our life. After ' ' construdo' ' first cmodo of our house in the land, is hour to construct as cmodo here that it will shelter the family, prime brothers, uncles and grandmothers who also must be constructed with sufficient solidity so that the life lasts all. We go continuing to construct our house and now the hour of cmodo arrives to accomodate the friends, friends of school, tricks, close to house, is at this moment that we start to raise the first columns that will go to support our experiences of life if these will not have a good foundation we will run the risk of a collapse and case this occurs has that to start everything again. Continuing the construction of our house we have cmodo where we will install our professional side is at this moment that we arrive ours second more important column, the work. It is this column that anger to balance all our life because he is in this cmodo that we will shelter our auto accomplishment, satisfaction and security and also where we will gain our bread.

In a phase of the life cmodo appears to the necessity to construct one special destined to shelter our relationship with our friend (a) wants either boyfriend (a), husband (a) or simply somebody special, this cmodo of our house must well be made and planned well so that it can aguentar the most diverse circumstances brought by the life. in this cmodo that also we will create our children reason for which it must be safe and the test of infiltrations and cracks. When all the cmodos of the house will be ready will have that to cover the house with an excellent roof so that let us be protecting of storms and ventanias that certainly we will face in the life. The life is as a house that must be raised on a good foundation where in its composition the honesty, understanding, solidarity and respect will be gifts. As in our house, in the life we must make reforms, extend cmodos, open doors or closes to look for them to develop new structures, to put we must understand that for terms success we always need to use the foundation that we have to put we must take care not to shake the foundations with infiltrations (ideas you oppose our principles) or to submit them it one weight very strong, because if this to happen our house (life) it will be able to fall down, and beyond wounding in them, we will be able to wound many people who we want well..