The Site

In fact, the backup company – a multi-faceted process. You do not need to create an image for the site that corresponds exactly to reality. There is another aspect that is affected by design than emotions. This opinion. On the basis of images, people form an opinion. And then the first task – is to select exactly the approach that best suits the customer.

If the client is accustomed to luxury, it is necessary to establish his respectability, to show him what he was accustomed to seeing. If customers used to save, then a simple and "unvarnished" design will have them by heart anymore. Since about a person forms an opinion based on those images, which he saw on the website, the images that need special attention. By however, these images are emotionally affected by his behavior over the next few minutes he will dedicate the site. The man at first sees the whole site, and then he feels the aesthetic sense, based on the whole picture, which man saw once on your site, in his head there first impression – an image that is immediately passed on to apply to your company, as yet, nothing about you that he does not know.

Thus, a person visits the site and see an entire page, and then gradually stops his gaze on some parts of the site, which attracted his attention. If his eyes fell on what he sought, he will continue to study. If he did not find what he importantly, it can spend its efforts on search, or try your luck on another site. But how to adjust to all? Do not frighten, attract, induce positive emotions? In fact, attach great importance to the picture is not worth it. It is better to rely more unambiguous language – the letters and words. A necessary emotions can be called up with a design that reflects the expectations of the customer coupled with the real image of the company (or desired).