Taxes Of Illiteracy

Moreover, in the passed year, the taxes of illiteracy for the color people or black race (13.3%) and medium brown (13.4%) they were more than the double of the tax of the whites (5.9%). In what quilombolas in Brazil says respect to the number of communities, according to Andrade, (2007. p 03), ‘ ‘ Not governmental sources esteem the existence of 2.000 the 3,000 communities. ted on this topic. I register in cadastre it officer of the Brazilian government recognizes the existence of 1.170 comunidades.’ ‘ Still in accordance with Andrade (2007. p 03) Communities exist quilombolas living in 24 states of Brazil. However, only 13 states counted, in October of 2007, with some territory quilombola titleholder.

Par is the champion state in titulaes. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Penn State. There titleholders are the 34 lands of quilombo. In the Maranho 20 territories already meet titleholders. In the Tocantins, in accordance with research of Salera Jnior (2007. p 02): In recent years, the Cultural Foundation Palmares (entailed agency to the Ministry of the Culture) already recognized 15 communities quilombolas in the Tocantins, that are: (1) They are Jose and (2) Chapada de Natividade, in Chapada de Natividade; (3) Deep stream and (4) Malhadinha, in Brejinho de Nazar; (5) Mumbuca, in Mateiros; (6) Town of the Silver, in Is Felix of the Tocantins; (7) Redemption, in Natividade; (8) They are Joaquin and (9) Laginha, in Porto Alegre of the Tocantins; (10) Bar of the Aroeira, in Tereza Saint of the Tocantins; (11) Mount of Is Joo, in Santa Rosa of the Tocantins; (12) Mimoso (13) Lake of the Rock, in Arraias; (14) Cocalinho, in F Saint of the Araguaia; (15) Baviera, in Aragominas. However, in notice forwarded for the Public prosecution service, in 6 Chamber of Coordination and Revision, in its Legal News of November (2009, P..