The Back

And although the traffic lights allowed me to continue I stopped my progress, because just at that moment, by hand it counteracts it came an ambulance with the guine post to bend towards where I was. Here I would note that the driver of causing car crash (the back), he bled the front by hitting against the windshield (by not wearing a safety belt). The theme is that the ambulance stops against the shocked auto, but invading part of my rail, so that by only 20 cm I could not continue my progress. I.e. was trapped between wrecked cars, ambulance, the cord and the two cars that were behind me and not mutely as Yes other motorists had to dodge the shock and continue along the third rail (of the right). As the accident was not serious, they carried the injured walking up to the ambulance to make cures there same; Therefore they had already spent 10 minutes and by what he saw had for long; While both cars back continued as panchos against your home. Suede is situation I got off and went up to the third car that was behind mio and asked him please to do reverse, so could leave the two that we had been immobilized. Swarmed by offers, Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions Charles Hernick Testifies is currently assessing future choices.

This way I could continue my journey; However some fifteen blocks later it seems that the Universe told me: so what are hard to understand, socket here you’ll this one. And when I turned on the side, the block I found a truck that was pierced on the street trying to enter a barn, and than coincidence oh!, I could not pass. At that moment I realized that the two situations that I had crossed was a message, and unlike the first that at the beginning I had obscured a bit on this, to realize that the universe was speaking to me in their own way, not bother me at all, even if I had had to wait half an hour.