The Chance

The fact, that all this has prevented us to be authentic, sometimes we have hampered, deviated from our real goals, the personal spaces deteriorating our self-esteem and undermining our assertiveness, turning us often slaves to desires, passions, transient joys has irrespetado. Why, that should not surprise us that we have allowed that they restrict our free will, that we we journey on path wrong, accompanied by people who we do not correspond, which deteriorates our personality, affect the character, which sometimes find ourselves frustrated, disillusioned, weigh shaded and why not, with large empty existential. You arribas also reminds us that our gregarious feeling, which did much to so that we succeed to survive in a hostile environment when we started our journey as human beings, have replaced it with alarm systems supersofisticados, by security agents induced guard back to measure. Instead of the warm touch of partner or Companion chose, which inspires us protection and support, that we consider that it is appropriate, we have the flashing light of an infrared detector that warns us if someone has invaded our living space. Thus, already don’t play us. What has happened? What is the cause? Possibly not realizing that we’re prisoner of social control that has invaded our freedom, that we are alienated, we are imprisoned in a false conventionality, with standards imposed by Act through a behavior that forces us society to be able to live in their midst. It also reminds us of Arribas, that should not surprise us that those human beings that have inhibited his consciousness in whole or in part acting strangely or have no problem in being open in the love, the emotions. In this transit through this dimension, it is important to consider that it is sometimes our conscious mind what us this preventing grow and it is necessary to find the springs that make changing this state of affairs. It is time to pay more attention to our results, to what we have learned, experienced in our path so far, surprise us, really how much we’ve grown, as we have the opportunity to live, if we are genuine in our actions if we are prepared to make the changes that will allow us to better increase our horizon in pursuit of a true and authentic realization. We are responsible for our actions, touches us to each light our candle that alum the path by which we must travel, when it comes to the game, incumbent upon us to go only with the result that in our saddlebag we carry a positive good deeds charge, a real advantage of our given divine potential, that allowed us to know to successfully take the chance that gave us pass through this dimension. Original author and source of the article.