The Former

The difference of what I mean is explained in the episode. “This is my friend.” or “my girlfriend is you” comments that are each known are probably, but they contain a claim in order to benefit something, what has my opinion finding absolutely nothing in a friendship. To make a claim that it is part of one and that it is bound to a titled where something as “my” or “mean”? One looks around in its environment, watching the people, then you will notice that that bypass him near people often with the. Commands are issued, lack of courtesy or decency, you tried the others to the own benefit to control and manipulate. This is similar to a tragedy which the notion of friendship karikatiert as to really meet him but rather. How is so visible, speaks to the own benefit to winning and thus to an illusory concept of friendship. As I mentioned above but already I can see quite a valid term of friendship, his cause but other has stored as that is in general use, namely in the freedom. Briefly, a definition of freedom was given to understand what is meant by that.

She was then given, if you can act in accordance with his own inspiration. Thus is “my” friendship not a possession claim, so not in one but in a “a”. Clarification: “This is a friend” instead of “This is my friend” the former can be seen, that eliminates any binding claim, where he remains at the latter. Now, what distinguishes this kind of friendship? The common events are preserved, but they gain a different character, a casual. It is striving to not do something, because, it is hoped a benefit of it, but because it is his own free existence glad that is so different from all other relationships. Here now there is maximum tolerance, because as long as do not restrict the other individual acts, a free decision power is possible. Furthermore the handling is skills you more respectfully, since not claimed, but they can be offered as a voluntary or can be pulled back each time.

This applies to both parties or Interaktionsparter, since those are committed in this sense are to maintain their freedom. The advantage seems to lie me here on the hand. Freedom as the cause of friendship requires some individuals however. So you must be aware, that one is always on its own, as to a commitment in the form of a compulsive possession claim can impose on anyone. What implies for the subject is that it can be free of all chains of others. The way however was not an easy one, because you have to give up many amenities and must make many concessions, the a or only with pain other may open the eyes. (S.Simmert)