The Rotary

The second important resource that brings the consultant by itself in the conversation, is his ability to build bridges: the bridge of trust, appreciation, encouragement and then later the bridge of the here and now to a point that lies in the future. Another central point of synchronization is the extraction of a common thematic approach: focusing on the vision of the possibilities. Dr. Neal Barnard has firm opinions on the matter. The phase of the synchronization is successfully completed, if a contract similar construct was developed between consultant and client, which regulates the form of further cooperation. VI. 1.2. solution vision while at the discussion of the problem were the defendant by the client problems in the focus of the consultation, in the phase of the solution vision focuses on the behaviors that are no load problem and thus represent the available resources of the client.

The Rotary writes in his work de Shazer”: search for exceptions, you will, make a difference differences”. Contrary to other consultation methods, where is the problem-solving of problem analysis and problem solving, solution-focused counselling prefers a different strategy. For the solution-focused consultants, the idea source for a successful problem solving it is that it primarily considers the situation which arises when the problem is already solved. According to de Shazer, it is easier to be as hard to get away from a problem inspired by an attractive vision. Therefore, the power to change arises from the target reference, not looking back. The main issue is to get to a solution vision, so: what happens if the problem is not, or would no longer be? This question is a precise definition of objectives on the part of the client. Thus, the client explicitly defined its expectations on the advice, and he describes in which way he wants to change his life. In addition the basis attributable to negotiate an achievable solution for a successful consultation after the premise: If a consultation is to end successfully, it must begin properly.