Web Proxies

IP check shows weaknesses of Web Prosies Regensburg, 01.09.2011. “” Web proxies such as Anonymouse”, hide my ass!” or Proxify “are not intended for anonymous surfing while this fact should be already known, still tens of thousands of users believe they are anonymous on the road with these services on the Internet. The IP check website”now shows their privacy concerns clear and public: Besides other sophisticated data protection the page can now break the security of all existing Web proxies. Details of the attacks when JavScript is allowed, are straightforward attacks on Web proxies: a Web page can override the JavScript methods which actually to protect the proxy attacks,. There is no way, as this could prevent a Web proxy. After this basic protection is removed, the proxy can simply be bypassed by Web resources using a direct IP connection from the user’s browser be downloaded. This means that the IP address and the browser of the user be revealed to the visited Web site.

Still, it is possible to break Web proxies through the introduction of an invalid or unublichem HTML code. Because Web proxies HTML code as a normal browser interpret differently, this can confuse their replacement logic: if they forget also only one of the original Web page links to replace, as to an image or a style resource, their protection is bypassed. “Moreover, JavScript is switched on, resulting in some Web proxies such as Anonymouse” and hide my ass! “that they do not even reach the actual test page without de anonymized. Only if all plugins and scripts through the Web Proxy filter or are switched off in your browser, some a few proxies in able to withstand these attacks. This disqualified Web proxies for General Web surfing, because sooner or later you will need JavScript to use the pages you want. You should also keep in mind that Web proxy SSL encryption the browser to secure Web pages break, because it is their principle as a man-in-the-Middle”to act: you can see all the data that you transfer, and your browser is not able to validate the SSL certificate of each visited page.

If you want to transfer sensitive data, you should avoid Web proxies so anyway. What is”IP-check? IP check”is a free and easy-to-understand anonymity test. So you see at a glance which attacks on your privacy from a Web page. The test gives recommendations on countermeasures that you can take. URL1: Description of attacks ip-check.info/description.php?lang=de#WebProxyDeanonymization URL2: Home ip check.info? lang = de press contact Christian Vogl JonDos marketing