We do not know how to love, as we would like, we can not live honestly as you wish. We are animals to us before the high feelings! Yes people deserve … dumb parody of the great field of activity kills in us the last drop of reason and conscience … We marking time, although the stubborn belief that we are moving forward and only forward! People wake up to us, long ago cut off the memory, and we casually dancing tango with a pig, which we enclose the closest people in the most convenient cases … We have forgotten how to speak the beautiful language of signs! Well, where do we roll? Why do we cause others to suffer, and not himself … Although we deserve more than those on which you poke your finger, blame the sins and call the scum … Why do you think you are in this world and to live without you bored of all, you are deeply mistaken, you’re nobody, just like all of us! Remember that! What would be someone should live by rules that are given us from above, but you can only destroy and mock at life, at people over a … Penn State understands that this is vital information. you wear bright clothes thinking that you are coolest, you’re a bright person, that you stand out from the crowd … Raynier Institute and foundation has much to offer in this field.

but it is not … Girls begin their bastard behavior to occupy the post of the dirtiest whores though they could just be pure and virginal angel, to be beautiful, gentle, affectionate good … not to give in to silly provocations and not to hurt … Man, oh yes, one word what it takes … begin to show his divine power not through those places and not in a while, you just use and enjoy the moment and so completely filthy life … In the crowd we look like a gray mass, at such as that occurs in our minds …. Only a couple really stand out from the convolutions of all that is happening. But not because they are dressed fashionably, and bright shiny coated with plaster, and even that is in force, not some magical power that, no, they are not magicians and sorcerers, and they’re just people, unfortunately not enough …

but they have … You do not when you become a man, if you continue living as before, look and see what we create … We are destroying … we destroy it, so that cost for a long time, that brings ever over the years, centuries … after the war did not yield and life in fear is not paradise … We are very low … even if you say you are beautiful … I’m not going to lecture on ‘what you’re miserable creature’ because you are already you know … I have no words, but I’m not perfect myself, but still not as sinful as you … you can consider me at least someone, but I could no longer remain silent, even though on paper I said that I wanted to, it hurts and it hurts that human stupidity! But all I was able to do it and not everyone is able to express everything is clean and not resignation, but everyone can find the error and place to which you can pick on … to die out, it does not solve the problem, do not forget …

Relationship Building Tips

Today, with a long time nobody is surprised easily, you can find a variety of materials and articles, teaches us wisdom, and the temptation to tell about the guarantee for a good relationship. The diversity of advice and available tactics can be identified easily acceptable to a course of conduct which will necessarily lead you to success. However, blindly following the advice of seduction guru does not mean to know all the details. What important in the development of all knowledge? This, of course, knowledge of nature. And in this case, you should determine exactly what is in you a man attracts women and most importantly: how to use the sacred cards. Sure, all under one the devil can not strike, but still the basics, so to speak, the general rules can provide. So, the question arises: What attracts a woman and how to use the available benefits? Well, we should start with the principal.

What woman would not valued in its satellite, it is primarily looking for support. So that a stone chest to hide, and bitter tears tighter chest could wash. So do not forget: you're a man and a woman for you, whatever the character did not have, weaker sex in need of protection and care. And giving them to her, you will get the kindness and courtesy, who deserve it. Of course, there is a hunter is not for your goodness, and for your fat wallet.

And here is your task on time catch catch. And there really can demonstrate blindness, enjoying her futile efforts. Although, sadly, this scenario rarely.

Monitoring Security

Console security system requires a connection to the so-called CMS (Central Monitoring panel) of a certain security organization. The principle of operation of such a system is as follows. At detected unauthorized attempts to penetrate the object, alarm system sends a corresponding signal to the console. His statement takes an object and send a rapid response team. This method of protection property include a monthly subscription fee security firm. For its part, security agency guarantees the payment of compensation in case of theft or damage to your property.

Among the disadvantages such protection may be noted the arrival time of a rapid response to an object. Claimed to 5 minutes, not always the case. Traffic jams, transportation problems, just sometimes do not neglect can invest in 5 minutes, and we know that this time the robbers may be sufficient to get it right. In addition, the monthly fee often exceeds 1000 USD. So, before you fly security organization and execute a contract, we recommend you think hard and carefully examine all possible alternatives. A good substitute for a console can serve as a stand-alone protection alarm system. Autonomous alarm can no different from a system connected to the CSC. The only difference between the autonomous signaling, in that it informs about the alarming situation, not a security company, but directly to the owner, and already he decides how to proceed in any given situation.

Such a system can send messages and make calls to three or more numbers of mobile operators. Lack of license fee is the main advantage of the battery alarm. Autonomous alarm system, performing the same functions as the Console, allows more freedom of action. You decide what to do in case of emergency: call the police detail, rely on their own forces, or used by others, such as neighbors who live near the protected home alarm system. Recently, users often opt for stand-alone alarm. That, given the disadvantages of a console, it is justified.