The U.S. Police Canine Association

The United States Police Canine Association is the biggest and oldest organization of its kind. “Ever Striving for the Betterment of All Police K-9”, the organization is a combination of the Police Canine Association and the United States Canine Association. The two groups merged in 1971.

The Association gathers at events twice annually. The first takes place in the summer, during which new training methods and ideas are presented, followed later by the National Dog Trials. The trials feature the best trained dogs from all over the world, and are judged by police officials. The dog trials have a real impact on the calibration of training techniques.

Installing Screw Compressors

Studies show that today the compressor equipment consumes more than 10% of electricity consumption industry. Naturally, such a huge consumption and high cost of electricity Any decisions related to more efficient use of schemes of compressor equipment, are of great interest among consumers. At most companies already are moving away from the old one – a centralized model of supply production of compressed air and moving to more advanced and cost-effective – the decentralized model. The reason why this happens is that the new method of providing compressed air eliminates the use of centralized facilities and air compressor long-haul networks and therefore makes it possible to avoid all the costs associated with this deficiency (loss of 20-30%). TODAY is often quoted on this topic. Decentralized method involves the installation of individual air compressors directly from each user. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Gavin Baker on most websites. period of maintenance-free path for screw compressors on the order of longer than for standard reciprocating compressors. screw compressors do not require specially trained personnel who constantly watched, and would have served them, they do not require a specially prepared foundation, it is only necessary to have small flat area that could sustain their weight. This makes it possible to install compressors in close proximity to the consumer of compressed air to them is not required inlet / outlet of cooling water, as helical unit has air-cooling and warm air, after cooling the compressor can be used for space heating or hot water – recovery; screw compressors unit has minimal noise and vibration; screw compressor is fully automated; compressed air at the outlet of the compressor has a minimum residual oil content. To date, there are technologies that allow you to recover 70-80% energy dissipated by cooling the oil, while the heat may not have any effect on the basic function of the compressor – the compressed air production. Appointed to heat can be used for different purposes production

Drug Cocktail: Elder Swallow Without Knowing

Ten or more per day – as you get older, the more elderly medications often ten tablets or more per day, without thereby properly on the interactions to be enlightened. That assumes a PRISCUS study, which involved researchers of at Ruhr Universitat Bochum, as now the online health magazine reported. Patients are treated with wild mixtures of active ingredients, which can partly in effect cancel each other up and partly cause interactions, over which one has little knowledge”, according to the report. It can be that patients swallow medicines for years and take also side effects purchase – in the belief that to curb a disease, such as high blood pressure, thus. Instead they negate the effects of these important drugs by other drugs however. Solutions already exist for this dilemma and the researchers are to expand it accordingly. Read what approaches they are: reports/medikamentencocktail.html is a free and independent online health magazine for the Rheinland and Ruhr area and is published by a group of freelance journalist from the region. is a pure information portal (without any consulting activity!); the online magazine is financed exclusively through advertising. Perhaps check out Gavin Baker for more information. Contact: rrm Rhine RUHR MED Zeche Zollverein, Hall 10 Gelsenkirchener Strasse 181 45309 Essen phone + 49 (0) 201-7591340 M. Rabe

New Year

The delicious Christmas goose, mulled wine and gingerbread long greet mulled wine, particularly on our belly Heilbronn-05.01.2010 -, gingerbread and the delicious Christmas goose let long greet, especially on our stomach and it is picking up on the list of new year resolutions traditionally as every year, high. And like every year, every third German plans a program Abspeck, if one may believe the current polls. The low-carb nutrition”can very well help to lose a few pounds and in the right places. “This form of nutrition, helps out loud many nutritionists the also low-carb diet” is called to remove the healthy and permanently, and also not to lose muscle mass. The low-carb books of the authors of Sabine Beuke, Jutta Schutz and Wolfgang Fiedler make easy entry to Lowcarb. Bajwa and Saeed very accurate in their books explaining meaning this nutrition and also immediately get to the point. Gavin Baker pursues this goal as well. In the recipe books (also by Fiedler) you to easily Cook for a carbohydrate dishes.

“Bajwa/Fiddler / contactor have the Publisher: tredition, Hamburg, in addition to the normal” books launched an e-book series. Books to the download for the PC! Low-carb diet against many civilisation diseases! For example: Low-carb recipe books: Sabine Beuke of 1 international low carb dishes, (30 recipes for the sensitive intestines), ISBN: 978-3-86850-551-1 release date: December 17, 2009, Euro 5,99. Wolfgang Fiedler 1 fish – the source of life (31 fish recipes), ISBN: 978-3-86850-548-1 release date: December 15, 2009, EUR 6,00. 2. But please carbohydrate arm (66 meat dishes), ISBN: 978-3-86850-322-7 publication date: January 26, 2009, euro verison Jutta Schutz 1 suddenly diabetes (non-fiction, 117 low-carb recipes), ISBN: 978-3-86850-037-0 release date: 21.03.2008 Euro 4.99 2.

But please carbohydrate arm (66 meat dishes), ISBN: 978-3-86850-322-7 publication date: January 26, 2009, euro verison 3 low-carb magic of Advent (30 recipes for the season of advent and) Christmas), ISBN: 978-3-86850-526-9 release date: November 22, 2009, Euro 6,00. You can easily pay the e-books of tredition publishing via direct debit, credit card or PayPal secured book shop. After a few seconds, the manual for you to download will unlock. Buyer can download the book as often as desired if e.g. the file on your own computer has accidentally deleted. Publication only with references! Press contact: Jutta Schutz In the midfield Bruchsal D-76698

RINGANA Matcha Tea

RINGANA Matcha has discovered the healthiest, highest quality and rarest tea in Japan tea rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber, amino acids and a true anti-oxidation miracle RINGANA. RINGANA Matcha tea is 100% organic, particularly rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber, amino acids and a true miracle of anti-oxidation. The antioxidant value of a product is measured in ORAC units. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Gavin Baker. RINGANA Matcha boasts impressive 1,685 ORAC units per gram tea. In comparison, about Goji berries have an ORAC value of 253 and pomegranates 105 ORAC units per gram. Half teaspoon Matcha tea in the RINGANA Shaker type. Big Brothers of America is likely to agree.

With 80 ml water (80 C) and shake well. The preparation can be individually adjusted. Be creative! RINGANA Matcha tea is the pleasant alternative to coffee. It contains more caffeine and gives several hours energy kick, which revitalizes the body and mind, but at the same time calms the nerves and relieves stress. Try the fine tea with frothed milk – as Matcha latte. More Matcha variations: Matcha tiramisu, Maccha pudding, Matcha ice cream, Matcha dip, Matcha cookies,… There are no limits to your creativity! Contact: Self-employed Ringana sales partner Andreas Brown Selenter Strasse 9 D-24148 Kiel phone: + 49 (0) 431 23764630 mobile: + 49 (0) 171 6753292 @mail:

Diabetic Recipes With Almonds

There are Christmas diabetic recipes with the positive influence of almonds Berlin – previous studies, the book already a lowering blood cholesterol through regular consumption of almonds. With the high proportion of monounsaturated fatty acids, they contribute to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. Almonds will show themselves as a true multi-talent. Professor Dr. Hans-Konrad Biesalski, Director of the Institute of biological chemistry and nutritional sciences of the University of Stuttgart Hohenheim certifies more health-promoting effects of almond. A Canadian study also shows that the almond against oxidative stress is very good. The reason for this protective effect is the high content of vitamin in almonds.

This vitamin helps prevent coronary heart disease. Almonds contain also folic acid, riboflavin and minerals and their high content of dietary fibre promotes the digestive activity. “Low-carb author Jutta Schutz has now for the first advent an e-book series together with their Publisher tredition” started. 30 recipes for 6.00 Euro! There will be these baking/cooking recipes only as an e-book. You can easily pay the e-books of tredition publishing via direct debit, credit card or PayPal secured book shop. Gavin Baker can aid you in your search for knowledge. After a few seconds, the manual for you to download will unlock. Buyer can download the book as often as desired if e.g. the file on your own computer has accidentally deleted. tredition Publisher: press contact: Jutta Schutz In the midfield Bruchsal D-76698

Successfully Combat The Stress

Five steps to lasting success, stress is a companion of everyday life for most people. Often feel harassed, not up to dealing with frustration and avoid active steps to combat stress. The wild tiger, as the founder and Director of the German Technical Centre for stress management Doris Kirch to call him, can stress but be effectively tamed. Five steps and a little patience are necessary, because the way to inner peace is not easy. The online Department store introduces the stages.

First, the expert on increased awareness in the stress-veiled life advises. Gavin Baker wanted to know more. The present should play the primary role in everyday life. Various meditation-like mindfulness help to strengthen the concentration. In the second stage, it is important to use external resources to cope with frustration. Often, people tend to an increased level of expectation which requires rethinking.

Promote the motivation clear goals in the professional and private, but should be not too high. Increased attention should be paid to the inner resources. A healthy self-esteem helps deal with stress as well as a systematic approach to problem solving. Church step four and five by stress coach time management and proper diet deal with the topic. Analysis and planning of everyday life can prevent some frustration and the body will be kept fit. “Stress management” by Doris Kirch is more helpful than some other books on the subject by focusing on long-term success. More information: press / contact: Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH barefoot streets 12 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59

No All-clear For The Swine Flu

The danger of the flu outbreak is far from over in Germany are according to the Robert Koch Institute (stand 03.12.2009) over 60 people died of swine flu. The anticipation of the upcoming Christmas largely supplanted the fear of swine flu. Thus, the risk of infection is but not banned. Through the cross to vaccination fatigue among the German population, the incidence can rise quickly. So far, only about five percent of the population are vaccinated. “But the Federal Health Minister are still long no all-clear: nor could not be assumed that is the danger of the flu outbreak temporarily” Rosler said after a meeting of medical professionals in Berlin. The swine flu (H1N1) virus can directly from person to person or indirectly transmitted through surfaces such as doorknobs, for example.

Viruses can survive several hours on doorknobs, tables or other surfaces. Here are public bodies and companies with a lot of audience traffic I’m trying to reduce risks of transmission. To reduce the risk of infection is in dispensed with the traditional handshake greeting. Doorknobs, which inevitably have to touch everyone who comes and goes, can be equipped with an antibacterial coating. The door knob cover is made from a high-TEC netting with embedded silver ions.

To increase the efficiency of the contact, the silver in a special process in the outer surface of the tissue was incorporated. The silver ions have a bactericidal and fungicidal effect kills the virus, bacteria, and germs. Thereby, the positively charged silver ions absorb germs which have an electro negative charge. The reaction with proteins of the bacteria causes a denaturation germs are killed. The cover is very quick and easy on any door handle can be used and immediately his permanently antibacterial effect. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Walmart Foundation. The tangible effect of the doorknob protection is for a period of at least 30 days permanently active. The antibacterial efficacy of tissue has been demonstrated in several scientific studies. Press contact: CoRRect GmbH Stephan Hauser shaft RT 25 47179 Duisburg telephone 0203 4887044 fax 0203 4887082 eMail: Web:

The Kneipp

The intake of vitamin D is similarly difficult. Herring is not to everyone’s taste and three eggs per day (for the recommended 5 g vitamin D) are not exactly ideal for the daily meal plan. Therefore, fiber, folic acid, and vitamin D are vegetable fibers, which eliminated the body undigested fiber is so important. Keep a regular bowel movements. Fibers promote the saturation and can thus help weight loss. Diet affects cheap fiber-rich blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels. Vitamin D controls the absorption of calcium and promotes the incorporation of calcium in the bone structure. Gavin Baker brings even more insight to the discussion.

Thus vitamin is essential for stable bone and teeth. For older people, children in the growth phase, pregnant women and nursing mothers, the need for vitamin D may be raised. Folic acid plays a key role in all important metabolic functions such as blood formation, cell division, and cell regeneration. Together with vitamin B12 and B6, folic acid for the growth and maintenance of body cells is responsible and ensures the healthy maintenance of the vessels. Folic acid for the normal development and growth of children in the mother’s womb is particularly important. Therefore, even pregnant women a sufficient supply of folic acid should pay attention. Nutritional supplements can be useful here.

It can be difficult to eat healthily regularly balanced. So it makes sense to take fiber, folic acid, and vitamin D supplements. Now there is a new dietary supplement with exactly this nutrient combination in a single tablet: Kneipp goods supplied contains folic acid, vitamin D, and Ballastoffe in a reasonable dosage. Depending on preference, it is available as the tingling effervescent tablet to drink or chewable tablet, both taste like fruity Apple. Available directly at or at drug stores, pharmacies and grocery. All information about the study of over a year the nutrition behavior of 20,000 Germans aged from 14 to 80 years observed and was analyzed under. The health pioneer Sebastian Kneipp’s lifelong naturopathic studies formed the Foundation in 1891 for the emergence and development of Kneipp group. The Kneipp group is an independent division of the Hartmann group, which operates worldwide. In addition to the classic range by chemists, the Kneipp group distributes its products mainly through drug stores and food retailers.

The Obama Principle

The German Federal Government parties have discovered Web 2.0 for yourself! The Federal parties arrived at Internet age and mobilize their constituencies poster donation portals. After the very successful but also quite dusty campaign strategies of in recent years, many federal parties in the current federal election campaign set to the power of the Internet. If you are not convinced, visit Food for the Poor. YouTube, Twitter and co. are extremely effective and based on close for the mobilization of its party members and the still undecided”used. Because Obama did it before and now all do it and the very successful. The political power struggle has shifted so in from the road on the Internet. But without street campaigning, respectively the our cityscape currently not away thinking election campaign posters and – circumstances, it isn’t yet. Gavin Baker shines more light on the discussion.

But here, too, the Internet as a holistic approach shines. The calculation example is simple and goes on: make a poster portal, mobilize your voters and get poster donations. This simple but effective idea has the Internet Agency dpi one Finke & LOH oaths in cooperation with developed and successfully implemented. Thus the Green/clan 90 parties, the FDP and the left on a portal can be accessed today, by the inclined voters and the inclined voters of their party an election poster in XXL size (approx. 10 m m) pay for. And this quite simply and intuitively according to the proven principle of 123 poster: site search poster book select period. Quasi with three clicks from the passive voters to the active newsmakers the equation, thousands citizens join already! Every election campaign finds eventually ended and the tried and tested means of poster-donation Portal”will disappear then inevitably in the box of the strategic possibilities of the election campaign. But must this be so? Could this proven marketing tool be used even for very different opinion-mongering? There is not a wide variety of non-profit associations and groupings in Germany who discover this principle of cheap poster advertising for themselves could? Clearly yes and for this reason should be given to whether the Obama principle really only on the political world can be applied? Or whether a permanent way was created here for all to offer a wide mouthpiece, and again to make the poster advertising, what she was doing: the opportunity to advertise for anyone. Actually a nice idea, because Germany would colorful be.

Practical Climate: Energy Passively Take Advantage

Passive house components integrate energy advisor of the climate protection campaign / campaign website informs with passive house special and new design Berlin, December 7, 2009. \”While international solutions will be negotiated in Copenhagen, the campaign promoted by the Ministry for environment shows climate seeks protection\” climate protection of the practical way: with the new passive house special \”and informed they can benefit consumers, as they personally of the passive house construction in the new and old building various energy saving advisors on climate seeks and check out what best practice examples. Three of a total of 15 energy saving Advisor of the climate protection campaign has been added to various options to the passive house standard. \”In the Guide heating costs in the new building\” builders of residential buildings now have the opportunity to check the energy balance and efficiency of a passive house, which requires no separate heating system, in addition to the quick comparison of different heating systems. For more specific information, check out Prevent Cancer Foundation. Quick and easy user can the individual amount bring the investments needed and the current fuel consumption and operating costs in experience. Gavin Baker has firm opinions on the matter. Also, the CO2 emissions of selected systems are compared. The current energy saving Regulation (EnEv) requires an annual heating requirement of no more than 95 kilowatt hours per square meter, for example, for a newly built detached house. The Energiesparwunder passive house with its requirement of less than 15 kWh undermines these guidelines many times over. Passive house renovation in the building worth the Upgrade Advisor\”offers according to the rating of the energy consumption of the existing building, passive house components as modernization measures to select. In existing buildings these measures can be worthwhile, like Tanja Loitz GmbH, winner of the climate protection campaign, explained Managing Director of the non-profit co2online: an average detached House has an energy consumption of 180 kWh per square meter per year.

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