How can we benefit from the knowledge of our older employees?\” Not long ago, since this question aroused only a weary smile. Is there yet enough qualified young employees, why rely on the old, who are no longer able to learn enough\”, so the reasoning. Instead had many companies to do anything better than the age\”was also witnessing stigmatised the oldsters\” socially acceptable to be deported. Forced to rethink now rethinking has taken place, first of all due to the power of the factual: Germany’s workers are getting older, this fact alone is forcing not to early to send them either back in the work process to integrate or in early retirement. So not enough: Demo demographic change causes the personnel departments in banks, to think about how their older employees to motivate and promote.

But first is the analysis: the management must consider whether and when she has to work with an older workforce. To do this, it should calculate the current age structure and in 5 to 10 years to determine the estimated age distribution. So those responsible in the banks can respond to the changes caused by the older workforce. Because the elderly are not less capable than the young staff, but they work and think differently, they have other skills, they need other drivers of motivation. Who already operates a cross-age staff development policy which takes into account the demo demographic change, will master better the coming inevitable changes. Young and old on the team older employees have expertise and social skills that they acquire alone due to the long-standing work in the financial industry or the Bank. The younger ones can not have this knowledge so that knowledge should be transferred by working groups are consciously put together after the age: younger and Elder are brought together to solve a specific task in the team.