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New trend: DSL tariffs without a minimum contract period on the rise * new trend: DSL tariffs without a minimum contract period on the rise * flexibility comes at a price customers without a term contract to pay up to 210 euros more Berlin, April 15, 2010 the fight for new customers in the DSL market coming to a head. The DSL service provider for the attention of Internet users advertise with ever-increasing new customer bonuses, perks and improved services. One aspect that while gaining in importance in the industry is moving away from the traditional DSL contract with a term of 24 months. More and more companies listed on the market complement their product range to fares without minimum term. Alibaba understands that this is vital information. The independent consumer portal toptarif.de has compared in this context known and affordable providers for quick connections of up to 16,000 kbit / s DSL packages, prices and terms and conditions under the magnifying glass. The result: Flexibility is associated with up to 36 percent higher costs. During the monthly basic fees for classic \”Standard-form contracts and contracts without a minimum term in the rules remain the same, the term customer benefits often from various bonuses and perks for setting up price and hardware\”, explains tariff expert Ingo Bohg by toptarif.de. A flexible contract you have to forgo in favor of short binding most of these benefits.\” Graphics: Flexible tariffs and standard contracts compared to campaigns such as the provider 1 & 1, which currently strengthened for its flexible tariff. New customers can at the United Internet subsidiary which 1 & 1 DSL packages without a minimum contract period for the same reason price take into account, but without many advantages or benefits of a term contract. All 1 & 1 double-flat 16,000 become void in the tariff \”* without a minimum period the starting balance in the amount of 100 euro.\” In addition a facility 99,90 EUR will be charged for the unbound customers, will be issued in the run-time clients in turn.

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All of this based on similar experiences that have occurred in other Nations and their respective differences of application. Our work isn’t in day to day, but in the medium and long term. He is also in touch on issues that are not on the agenda, but that in the future they will be, told Consulting magazine. the representative of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Mexico, Frank Priess. This Foundation, which had its origin in the Christian Democratic Union of Germany, establishes links with the union organizations, which in turn are represented by political parties in several countries; search for improvements in each of the Nations where one exists Organization aligned to this power, why are exchanged, you have dialogue with parties of the same family; It is not to sell a model, but define similar problems and discuss solutions that will be given. Seeks a policy focused on social equilibrium, where you let participate to groups with different levels of resources, to have equal opportunities, he says. Through the exchange of researchers, the Organization of seminars and workshops, or the commissioning of studies and their respective analysis, is how feeds of information Foundation and obtains its own conclusions on the political landscape of a nation, and thereby participates in the analysis of the priority themes. In that regard, one of the studies in which it has participated is that made with respect to the perception of Mexicans towards foreign policy; on the current situation of the role of Mexico in the world and on the southern border, results that are available in their offices and their web portal ().

Despite the fact that the type of Consulting here Treaty may not be so well known among the population, is critical for the competitive development of Mexico, as soon as it is vital in order to establish policies, proposals and reforms in the crucial field of politics. This 2008, political consulting dara timely follow-up to issues such as the tax collection through the recent reform, environmental impact and international and national Government policies: the Mexican energy reform, immigration policy and the presidential elections in the neighboring country to the North; the economic growth of China, india, Korea, Russia, Brazil; job creation and its momentum from Congress; policies around the development of infrastructure, and a host of more problematic. Magazine consulting, industry of the knowledge no.