Consulate Czech Republic

Czech News Agency. From September 2010 reception of documents from foreign citizens in the Czech Republic by the consulates of the new forms of profiles with personally identifiable information. Questionnaire Consulate Czech Republic has become larger in volume, and carries more information about each natural person, starting from the date of birth, place of work and ending with the data on relatives. Truthfulness of the information specified in the questionnaire by each foreign applicant directly plays a role in solving question for Assigned visa with residence permits. Attention to the Czech consulate in Astana in September 2010 when they apply for long-term business visa requires an original insurance policy of the Czech insurance company for each applicant, the founder of the firm or a private entrepreneur. Note that the Czech consulate located in the eu countries do not require a valid insurance at the time of filing, insurance is only needed at the time of receipt (pasting) visa with residence permits.

The new bill on immigration to the Czech Republic since 2011 is ready and waiting for their turn to consideration of parliament (Vlad), Czech Republic. Remain a matter of days for those aliens who manage to submit their papers for obtaining a residence permit in the Czech Republic under previous legislation. Our company expects the new law will finally learn to distinguish between the authorities of the Czech Republic in the crowd immigrants who actually want the country and those who can give a waiver on visa applications.