Fernandes Development

The system must registers in cadastre contemplate it of some types of vehicles semitrailers, of transporters and data for the insuring one. With regard to it software arrives in port financial, must register in cadastre the table of the IRRF (Withheld at source Income tax) and the tax codes, to register in cadastre products, order, programming and order of collection and, finally, to emit the CTRC. Other secondary objectives, but not less important, are the development of software in graphical environment that the same allows to be used in a multiusing operational system and the job of a system of more current data base. One intends, thus, that customizado software is of basic importance for the growth of the company in road the current market of transports of products. 3? ENGINEERING OF SOFTWARE For the development of a software, becomes necessary the understanding of the necessity of the information for the competitiveness of the company, becoming essential the given treatment they for the management of the information, which can be seen, according to Pear tree ' ' as a structuralized set of activities that include the way as the companies they get, they distribute and they use the information and conhecimento' '. The technology enters as a tool to implement this process, guaranteeing that the information arrives at who needs. Aiming at a standardization in the involved stages in the development of a software, some determination had been created and are, currently, prevailed for the software engineering, which propitiates all the methodologies for a development of safer software and coeso with the project. According to Fernandes, ' ' the engineering area engloba a set of professions that possess work characteristics in common ' '. Thus, software engineering is one of the dedicated branches to the aid of development of software based on certain standards and norms. Pfleeger (2004) affirms that the function of the software engineers is to use its knowledge in computation to decide problems, being this definite around a computer or computational system.