Herford North Rhine

1-2-3-Plakat.de realized first online donation tool for poster campaigns citizens and members donate posters and strengthen the advertising organizations what is fundraising? For the English term fundraising, there is no really accurate translation into German. Refers to all activities, to gain sponsors and supporters for an organization. Even if the etymological roots of the term on the procurement of capital (capital = engl. fund, to raise = get) are, it is not only about the procurement of (donations) funds fundraising. Rather, fundraising attempts to procure all of an organization to meet its charitable purpose of the Statute required resources. In addition to cash benefits, this also benefits in kind or services can be. In Germany there are fundraising in particular by organisations from the social sector, charities, political parties and the environmental protection.

What has to do with fundraising poster advertising? For all fundraising activities, it is important to the donors for to motivate an action or a thing\”. The same questions arise as often: why should I donate? I donate what or for what? How much should I donate anyway? The donations often fail when the questions remain unanswered. A particularly creative way to move the sympathizers of financial support, is the poster donation\”.To advertise the posters for the subject to bidding (thus at a broad public to the talk of the town \”), on the other hand the donor identifies itself with the Organization, because he is actively involved in the advertising process. Who can use poster fundraising? The poster donation can be used by all organizations and associations who want to finance themselves largely through donations and make a topic for a public accessible. These include E.g.

animal welfare associations, environmental organisations, political parties, etc. This new form of fundraising is made possible by the Mediadienstleister 1-2-3-Plakat.de based in Bunde at Herford North Rhine-Westphalia. The company successfully operates an Internet portal, with which anyone can book his private or promotional message by poster individually and place for years.