Windows Diskeeper

Adrian McGarry: “we use many applications of the current versions of Microsoft and Adobe products, as well as little-known software for curriculum instruction and knowledge acquisition. “We use IBM server X series IBM DSR SAN of for volumes of the size of 2 TB on Windows systems with 32-bit and 64-bit.” He commented further: “oversized volumes up to end-user desktops the power reduction was due to the high fragmentation that we experienced crippling!” The registered trade charity, which operates two independent schools, found a solution in Diskeeper and summed up as follows: “Diskeeper Corporation offers us a complete solution with centrally-deployed products to our entire servers, storage solutions and desktops to cover. Solutions such as spontaneous IntelliWrite fragmentation prevention up to the handling of large volumes of Titan defrag engine have improved performance and productivity across the enterprise.” The technology Titan defrag engine(tm) Diskeeper Enterprise Server is the most powerful defrag engine ever developed and surpasses even the previous technology leader – technology terabyte volume engine(R). Titan was designed for the largest ever data volume and can settle quickly volumes up to 20 terabytes, and more. But even if your volumes are smaller, Titan defrag engine is ideal for mission-critical servers that require all day via instant online defragmentation.

About Diskeeper Corporation – Microsoft Gold partner innovators in performance and reliability technologies(R): CIOs, IT managers, and system administrators of company the “global Fortune 1000” and “Forbes 500”, set to the performance software by Diskeeper(R) their business use Laptops to provide desktops and servers with an incomparable performance. So, the ground-breaking IntelliWrite(R)-Technologie, can be prevented with the help of their fragmentation includes Diskeeper 2010. The solution to the optimization of virtual platforms, V-locity(R) 2.0 for VMware ESX and Hyper-V, gives efficiency barriers out of the way – for absolute performance of virtual server. Diskeeper Corporation also provides data protection and data recovery in real time with the data recovery software undelete(R) ( The InvisiTasking(R) technology makes it possible to drain all the processes completely invisible in the background and thus draws the strength of otherwise unused, empty resources fully from ( (c) 2011 Diskeeper Corporation.

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