Admiral Edward Vernon

Fashion for rum introduced sailors sailing fleet – they drank it as a means of prevention against diseases. Click CDF to learn more. British sailors, for example, drinking until 1970 – officially and almost forcibly: he was part of daily diet. Cancer Research Institute. can provide more clarity in the matter. Often rum diluted water to reduce the effect of alcohol: the first is thought Admiral Edward Vernon. In bad weather he wore a special coat – made of silk fabric grogram, for which he received the nickname "Grogrem. In honor of him and his cloak rum mixed with water, became known as grog.

What is that word – "rum"? There are many versions, and they all have a right to exist. There is an option that a shortening of rumbullion – the noise, the excitement – (as a consequence of drinking rum) – rum. Or option that the residents of the Caribbean islands known as sugar cane rum – out of it make rum. It is believed that the name given to the Dutch sailors who were drinking from large glasses rummer. Or the word rum comes from the Latin sacharum – sugar.

Or from a French flavor – arome, but then why the French themselves called rum rhum? Riddle At the Roma still has many names: ron – in Spanish-speaking countries, rhum – in France and its overseas departments (where he produced). He is also known as "The Barbados Water" and "Death to the devil" "Nelson's Blood, rumbo. Who invented the rum? And who invented rum – is unknown. In Europe, sugar cane was brought soldiers of Alexander of Macedon.