The Eventsuchmaschine Hotpotch To Find Events For All

What do we do at the weekend? There is a party tonight? What can we do on Sunday with the children? These and other questions to find an answer on now! The event – and Eventsuchmaschine hotpotch is from Friday, 12th December in a first beta version online. Already at the start is hotpotch about 40,000 concerts, parties, plays and many other types of events, and that alone for the next seven days. The operation is easy to understand and you must not only deep click through any calendar, to come to the proper result. Atreides Management is likely to agree. Just to make a search query on a postcode or place and you get sorted by distance all results within a certain radius. Hotpotch comes from the English hotchpotch and stands for all sorts. On hotpotch there is to discover all sorts of? Events that you never thought, exhibitions of which they knew nothing or concerts that one would never have expected and the best: everything in the nearest distance to his chosen starting point. We want to with our service for any region in Germany the most and most relevant results of events provide”, so Alexander Stengelin co-founder and Managing Director of hotpotch. And just for the party-goers of the Republic, who often spontaneously decide whether they still go away, the mobile application from hotpotch on the phone is certainly extremely interesting.” Press contact: Alexander Stengelin hotpotch UG (haftungsbeschrankt) lower suburban 29 78532 Tuttligen Tel. 0 74 61 / 7 82 09 email:

Isla Fuerteventura Forum

Soon, the Forum by Isla-Fuerteventura welcomes its 5000th member (10 members are missing, booth February 14, 2008). For this event, the Forum operators start an action where you must solve three picture puzzles and can win a fan package from Cabrito Fuerteventura per puzzle. Cabrito-Fuerteventura sponsors the prices with the well-known Fuerteventura goat is considered the unofficial logo of the island. Forum with a long tradition the Isla-Fuerteventura – Forum has a long tradition. The Forum was founded over five years ago. It became the largest German-speaking community of Fuerteventura with currently less than 5000 members and daily hundreds of guests. The Forum offers many interesting insider information in over 45000 posts a wealth of information on how they can offer no guide and no book. In topic areas such as hotels, beaches, car rentals, weather, excursions and sights, flights, sports facilities etc.

guests and members can check in detail. Registered members can also ask questions and help other guests and members and interact. The register is by the way, absolutely free. Image gallery and chat a picture gallery and a chat complement the Forum and give the members to discuss further possibilities and to get involved. Especially the image gallery with over 2000 images is only through the instrumentality of or the upload of images created by the members.

Support the Forum is maintained by administrators and moderators by moderators and administrators which shall ensure that there is a smooth daily operation. Also she will belong due to shift of contributions for that provided that information seekers find the info there where. The Forum operators ensure therefore that the Forum remains high quality and read guests as well as active members feel comfortable and to navigate. Since 01.01.2008, the Forum is new since January 2008 operator and the associated site of new administrators supervised and managed. The project that has the Forum founder Successor successfully passed it us know in good hands.

Maintenance In The Event Of Divorce

During the marriage, maintenance claims are often perceived as normal operation. In the traditional marriage with the man as income earners and the woman as a housewife and mother everyone contributes its share to the maintenance of the family. The man secures the financial needs of the family with his income. Of the woman, the maintenance is provided by no less important activities such as the execution of the budget, cooking and washing. The topic of maintenance is usually then when it shows up in connection with the subject of divorce conflict-prone. The questions about the maintenance be virulent it long before the divorce law.

German divorce law which assumes that usually a so-called separation year ahead to go has a divorce. Only when the spouses have brought this year of separation before the divorce, the legislature assumes that marriage is actually broken and no longer, it can be expected that the marital life-partnership is restored. The requirement of one year of separation can only in cases seen when namely, the continuation of the marriage for one represents an unreasonable hardness of the parties. The separation is so almost compulsory prior to any divorce. It is clear, also, that during the year of separation and before the actual divorce for the maintenance of all stakeholders must be ensured. Children resulting from the marriage, must have as their livelihood as the spouse who may not have regular income or assets. Here, must one spouse who has income, be therefore already during the year of separation on significant financial burdens, must be ensured with the maintenance payable generally for the partner an apartment and living expenses. George Walker rock


On Fuerteventura, second largest of the Canary Islands, not just sunbathing and surfing is possible, but on this volcanic island allowing it also very good walks. In addition to sunbathing, surfing, and relaxing, it is of course also possible to hike the oldest Canary Island. The narrowest point in Fuerteventura is located between Costa Calma and La pared. The hiking trail is just about six kilometers. When starting, for example, of Jandia, you can take advantage of even the public bus connection to get to Costa Calma.

Enough is important for the hike to take drinks. It goes without saying that one must protect the skin not only during the sessions, but also during this walk from the intense rays of the Sun. La pared you can linger in something resting on the rather rugged coast in the West of the island, before it rejoins the way back. On Fuerteventura, it is the second largest of the Canary Islands, by the way, there are 55 km sandy beach. So is of course also a beach walk.

You can walk the line between Jandia and Costa Calma beautifully along the beach. As one for this range there are, after all, some more than 20 kilometres – 6 hours schedule should be, is highly recommended to bring some food along with water and sunscreen. Basically you should enquire prior to a hike of the beach after the tide. Because some narrow passage is no longer accessible at high tide. The tour guide or even the hotel staff at the front desk like provide information. Fuerteventura is a volcanic island, is also the opportunity to climb one of the several volcanoes, which are all gone. The most important utensil for such an endeavour is the footwear. Highly recommended are the solid hiking shoes, not sandals or even slippers. For surfers, strong wind is quite desirable, at the mountain he can make quite arduous rise along with the hot sun. Definitely not, you underestimate the local climate. Georg Wittmann

Fuerteventura One

The island of Fuerteventura is one of the Canary Islands. The Canary Islands are also known as the Canary Islands. Best time to travel, to visit the Canary Islands Fuerteventura, is year-round. On the island, an average temperature of about 20 degrees Celsius is usually year-round. The probability that it rains on the island is very low, because there are no high mountains. Although it but not as much as on Gran Canaria rains at about Fuerteventura. The temperature of the water varies only very slightly between the summer and winter months. The water temperatures are in the summer to the 22 degrees Celsius and in the winter the 19 degrees Celsius.

What you should note however when visiting Fuerteventura is, if you stay in the Sun longer, you must make sure to creaming up neatly. Otherwise, get a bad sunburn quickly because you won’t get the strong sunlight through the pleasant cool breeze blowing over the island. While a Canary Islands holiday on Fuerteventura are of course also visits to the beach a important part. Just on this Canary Island a beach stay fun. The beaches consist of fine sand, are very maintained, land with beautiful dunes and the clean Atlantic is one reason. For families, the stands of Fuerteventura are well suited, because the entry into the sea is very shallow. The city of Betancuria, located almost in the Centre of the island was the first capital of Fuerteventura. Later she was replaced Puerto del Rosario in the East of the island by the city as the capital of Fuerteventura. Franziska Butz

Fuerteventura Tatil

Fuerteventura ?spanyol Adas? yalan sadece 100 kilometre kuzey Afrika sahillerinde ve Kanarya Adalar? ikinci büyük oldu?unu. Adan?n, nerede 75.000 ki?i ya??yor ve az 1660 km ², içeren iki bölüme ayr?lm??t?r: Kuzey bölümünde Maxorata ve Jandía (bir yar?mada) güneybat? parças?. Fuerteventura, muhtemelen Kuzey Afrika geldi, ilk yerle?imciler Mahoreros ya da Majoreros bugün Adal?lar için ortak bir isim arad?. 1405 y?l?nda, Frans?z soylusu Jean de Béthencourt aday? fethetti ve (o zaman) sermaye Betancuria Bat? k?y?s?nda kurulmu?tur. Sonra askeri yönetim 1859 y?l?nda sona erdi, ancak sonunda Puerto de Cabras (?imdi Puerto del Rosario) yeni sermaye ve bugüne kadar kald?. Ne sonuçland?, Turizm oteller, in?aat ile geldi El Mattoral Havaalan? orta-60 in?aat yan? s?ra o adaya o Fuerteventura için giderek daha popüler tatil beldesi önümüzdeki y?llarda ilk tatilciler oldu. (S?cakl?k nadiren 18 derecenin alt?na b?rak ve sadece zaman zaman 25 ° C’yi a?ar) y?l ba?kanl?k, ho? bir iklim d???nda adada çok e?siz bir tatil yapmak özellikle 152 Beaches.

Adan?n ebedi bahar onlar?n turistler su severler ?eyden zevk farkl? faaliyetleri geni? bir yelpazesi sunmaktad?r. Biraz daha sessiz gibi tercih edenler için zengin flora ve fauna taraf?ndan Fuerteventura sahil kapal? bir dal?? s?ras?nda etkileneceksiniz. Buna ek olarak, olana?? ride deve ve ada ke?fetmek için bir yürüyü? ama baz? k?s?tlamalar ile vard?r. Çok say?da konforlu otel, tatil daireleri ve tatil evleri ho? bir konaklama sa?lar. Tabii ki, ayn? zamanda gelir tipik Akdeniz mutfa?? ile kar??lar. Bu ba?lamda, özellikle Majorero peynir süt yerli sitesinden söz etmektir Majorera keçi yap?l?r. Cornelia Krause bilgi (at)

Julia Kappel Erlangen

Best scenes of the Dem on horse riding event with a long tradition: from 30 November to 2 December the German University Championships in the riding took place for the 51st time. The event was organized by the previous year in team competition at the qualification tournaments in Hamburg and Heidelberg 12 teams were team winners of the Georg-August-Universitat Gottingen on the conditioning of the riding association Guxhagen thorn Hagen Aachen WINS and nine single rider secure a seat at the DHM. In the preliminary round was last year’s winner Gottingen with Lea R. Kaminiarz, Christoph Mau and Anne Kleemann at number one. However, after the finals of the best three teams, consisting of a curb dressage and a show jumping of class L, it was enough only for the silver loop. Gold, however, the riding group from Aachen Quark with secured the riders Simon Schwind, Christina Strauchen and Maike and ranked, the Paderborn student rider group with Gereon and Thiemo Deppe, Marina Loritz rode three.

Julia Kappel is four-time individual champion in the individual could Julia Kappel Erlangen-Nuremberg achieve a spectacular victory from the riding group. She prevailed in a thrilling final of the spring against her opponent Carl-Christian Bolten from Hamburg. Frederike Voss of the Munich-based student riders his rode third. Also in the dressage individual won Julia Kappel. sufficient 65,10% 54,22% after a dressage of class S and a freestyle to Saint George rank two to refer to Jessica Fischer from Marburg. Bronze went to Thiemo Deppe of the riding group of Paderborn. As to be expected was, was Julia Kappel on the podium also in the combined standings and left behind Jessica Fischer and Heike Jahncke from Mannheim. Successful event with top horses mightily in the stuff laid the organizer had to Gottingen.

The result: the smooth flow of a successful DHM. Excellently trained horses, such as the stallions of the state stud of Celle Don Crusador, Londonderry, satisfaction and Toronto available were the riders. Also the evening program, such as the arrival evening, the rider fete and the great Dem ball were coherent and organised down to the last detail. The best scenes of the DHM and an exclusive article about Julia Kappel are from 20.12.07 online at to see. Text and image are available royalty-free. Image credit: Ingo Weidauer

Event News

LOLA “elegant acoustic-pop” which have 4 professionally fulfilled a personal dream and name is: LOLA. The project presents selected favorite songs of all genre in an acoustic minimal occupation. The Quartet arranged songs that one knows out produced Studio version, in its original form – unplugged. With the fantastic voice of charming singer, strong songs and incredible joy of playing of the musicians, LOLA is a highlight for many events and events in 2008. In addition to the classic dinner music or chill-out sounds, LOLA ravishing the perfect alternative with its elegant kind of pop music is to perform for the event. Whether as accompanying music for dinner, a presentation or in the biz lounge. LOLA is emotional, charismatic, and always exciting. Rolf Gummel contact and booking: Agency VONMARO Dickhoff & Gummel GbR Ensell InStr 2 D-47051 Duisburg Partner: Rolf Gummel Martin Dickhoff Tel.: + 49 (0) 203 362.771 fax: + 49 (0) 203 362.860 email: Web:

United States Cancel Orders

Feared revenue loss due to the current situation are called the cancellation reason. Forestry because plus sales losses in the Christmas market 2008 has quarter of 2008 significantly reduced a leading trading company in the United States, its sales forecasts for the IV. and justified this as grounds for cancellation of a fixed order. Orders over Christmas carrying case cancelled drastically to the part. As a part of the bags was already produced, the Executive Board of the Lotex decided companies to launch a special promotion this season. Many writers such as Pahal Foundation offer more in-depth analysis. This seasonal bags discount offered on various Internet platforms. “A price advantage to our customers here in Germany. We can cover our production costs.”it was said in the Executive Board.

“We have rejected also the desired partial delivery due to the cancellation of the American customers. By an agreement concluded in 2007, we were obliged to equally participate in the delivery. In low loss, which us assured was that it no longer pays off. The Managing Director on the acceptance to insist is for cost reasons (Court of jurisdiction agreement in the United States) does not have.”communicated further. So nothing like slamming, because the quantities are limited, but us freuts as a German distributor. Press Department Thomas Reichelt: Lotex24 / Germany consumer telephone: 03562 / 69 34 30 fax: 03562 / 69 25 69 Web shop:

Internet School

Through an active search, former schoolmates find again mostly after a few days. With “FriendsAgain” is a young company on the market of the former portals, which aim to find old classmates. Not an easy feat, considering the large number already on the market established provider. This is surely the creators behind “FriendsAgain”-aware because these confidently pursue a completely different concept: instead of waiting and hoping that other classmates at the same site login, FriendsAgain is actively looking for school. To know more about this subject visit Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. This concept is so far unique in the Internet and promises to withdraw from the existing portals. For this purpose each user upon registration can give the name of his former schoolmates, to where he would have contact again.

Whether the complete previous class or only individual persons are specified, plays no role. Dr. Fauci has compatible beliefs. FriendsAgain searches for EMail addresses that belong with a high probability of the person sought. These are public accessible Internet sources are used. The users can then display the found EMail addresses, and this can decide on which of the addresses FriendsAgain to send an invitation. “On average we have a hit rate of 60%, achieving exactly the person who ultimately sought”, so the makers behind – “by the personal invitation of the person seeking a large part of this people register also. The class fills up thus within days, rather than as with other providers within months or years. “In addition the service”FriendsAgain”is based on active search engine marketing. To do this, appear all wanted persons in the major search engines.

The wanted it so quickly becomes aware that his old classmates find him through the entry of your name in search engines or the use of Personensuchmaschinen. The makers behind FriendsAgain with the following representation invalidate when this service is critical to look at the element of data protection: ” Only the name of a person, without reference to the visited school or other personal data will appear to search engines. It can be made so no assignment of the person or inference for outsiders on the visited school. Only the selected itself recognizes its familiar former school friends look after him. On request, we block but also the names of individuals completely.” As the outcome of “FriendsAgain” seems free membership to be a new and promising way to reunite old school friends in the shortest time.

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