Donation For Charity

SinnLeffers collected 1,000 euros against child hunger there are starving children not only in the third world. Also in Germany, in Leipzig, children suffer from the poverty of their parents. The difference: in Germany will be helped daily. So in the family centre of Caritas in Leipzig-Grunau. There, needy children get a hot meal every day. To draw attention to the problem and to support the charity gave Simon Grunewald, Managing Director of the Leipzig fashion house, SinnLeffers, today a donation of 1,000 euros. The donation handover took place at the family Center in Grunau.

Garcia explains: “charitable institutions point out that statistically the every third child in Leipzig from unemployment and welfare parents. As a result also, that more and more children will go hungry in the nursery, in the school or childcare facilities. We want to fight.” Tobias Strieder, Deputy Managing Director of Caritas in Leipzig, gratefully accepted the money: “the support by the Economy is becoming increasingly important for us. We are glad that SinnLeffers engaged.” With the action initiated by him “Leipziger against child hunger”, Simon Grunwald aims to encourage the Leipzig to regular donations to ensure in the city no needy child should starve, but receives a hot meal every day.